“You knew he was married yet had an affair with him” Halima Abubakar receives knock over fight with Apostle Suleman

Nigerians are becoming weary of the ceaseless show between entertainer Halima Abubakar and premier priest, Witness Johnson Suleman.

The entertainer who has been entangled in embarrassment a couple of months back after she affirmed reports that she engaged in extramarital relations with a priest, Messenger Johnson Suleman, continued her battle with him hours prior.


Dubious blogger, Essence Darling, revealed that the entertainer was associated with a relationship with the righteous man, who is supposedly an interest.

The anonymous blog revealed various privileged insights and personalities purportedly associated with Messenger Suleiman.

Halima Abubakar, by means of her Instagram story, guaranteed that there would be a fiasco in the event that she opened her mouth to affirm the tales.

Returning her public altercation with him, Halima Abubakar shared screen captures of a supposed talk between Shan George and the minister.

In the talk, it appeared to be the Witness was asking assuming Halima had proof against her, and Shan George answered that the entertainer isn’t adequately shrewd to keep one.

Blowing hot at Shan George, she addressed why the entertainer was after her.

Halima noticed how Shan George spread misleading bits of gossip that she had malignant growth quite a while back. Be that as it may, Shan George apologized for it.

Halima Abubakar took steps to spill more about her relationship with the priest.

An enthusiast of hers had countered the entertainer in her ceaseless battle with him.

Advising her to end it, he brought up how the entertainer realized he was a godly man and hitched at this point engaged in extramarital relations with him.