‘You Deserve A Pretty Mike’s Day,’ Mercy Eke Says To Her World’s Best Brother.

Today is the birthday of famous socialite and finance manager Mike Nwogu, otherwise known as Beautiful Mike, and his sister, Big Brother Housemate Leniency Squeeze, is commending the disputable man in a unique manner. Lovely Mike, as indicated by Kindness Squeeze, merits an exceptional day to be praised by all.

Benevolence Squeeze composed on her confirmed Instagram page.


“Blissful birthday to the best brother on the planet, @prettymikeoflagos!” You are a companion who merits a prettymike day.
You love and offer without expecting anything as a trade off.
You are thoughtful and steady to everybody you meet.
onyim ka ibu ezigbo
Nwoke agamba eji.
ka nwa ka nwa
I appeal to God for God to give you additional effortlessness.
“I petition God for additional favors, harmony, and satisfaction for the sake of Jesus Christ, so be it.” Leniency Squeeze wrote.

Lovely Mike, who is notable for going to parties with young ladies wearing whimsical ways, recently expressed that it is inadmissible for guardians to permit their kids admittance to online entertainment. Lovely Mike added that his content isn’t appropriate for kids.

“The issue isn’t opening Instagram pages for youngsters,” he made sense of. The issue is allowing them access and command over it.

Many guardians have made Instagram pages for their youngsters, yet they (guardians) have unlimited authority over it.

Instagram is for grown-ups, not kids. Permitting kids to post on Instagram gives them admittance to the whole world. That likewise suggests that they would speak with grown-ups.

“Most of the movies that many guardians permit their youngsters to watch ought not be accused on Nollywood.”

Entertainers ought to continually remind grown-ups who the contents are planned for, so they either get their kids far from it or make sense of it better when they watch it.

On the off chance that their folks are absent to direct them, anything they see is deciphered in the manner in which they need. Certain data isn’t even prepared for their minds to acknowledge.”