“You Admitted It To Me”- Kate Henshaw Calls Out Popular Lagos Doctor Who Molested Wife’s Niece For 2 Years

Kate Henshaw, an entertainer, has said that Dr. Femi Olaleye, the pioneer behind Optimal Healthcare Company, attacked his significant other’s niece for over two years.

The entertainer who has teamed up with Dr. Femi Olaleye in a backing limit with respect to years after he mentioned her to join his clinical establishment as a campaigner against malignant growth.


Asking about Dr. Femi’s better half, who wasn’t there, Kate said that she had as of late gone to one of the support occasions where ladies were to get free screenings.

She portrayed how Dr. Femi attempted to disparage his significant other while telling her that they were isolated.

The mother of one youngster guaranteed the specialist told her that the specialist’s significant other was the person who set him up by getting a 15-year-old who Olaleye described as a woman and engaged in sexual relations with him since she knew his weakness.

Kate expressed that she had no clue about that the “lady” involved is really a 15-year-old young lady, who is the spouse’s niece.

Subsequent to conversing with Dr. Femi’s better half, the film diva discovered that the young lady was a virgin who had been ravished by the specialist prior to being taken steps to stay calm.

Kate asserted that subsequent to criticizing Dr. Femi for his way of behaving, he answered to her message and denied revealing to her that he had sex with the youngster.

Kate scrutinized the specialist on Instagram and requested that he admit to her, saying that she wouldn’t allow him to pull off it.