Woody Harrelson Reacts to Look-Alike Baby With Hilarious Poem

Woody Harrelson is answering the viral photo of a youngster with an uncanny similarity to him, with a work that is a critical piece of appeal over-trouble.

The 61-year-old performer took to Instagram and presented the one next on the other photo showing 9-month-old Cora and the performer. It’s a unimaginable duplicate. Cora’s mother, Dani Grier Mulvenna, posted the photo on Twitter, and it promptly obtained than 400,000 inclinations.


To be sure, the three-time Oscar-named performer learned about the photo, and he achieved some different option from perceive Cora’s adorableness. He made a piece in which he similarly endures a simple shot at himself.

“Recognition for Cora,” the White Men Can’t Jump star begins. “You’re a beguiling youth. Commended to be contemplated. You have a wonderful smile. I basically wish I had your hair.”

Cora’s mother couldn’t actually acknowledge that the performer paid notice, significantly less dedicated a piece to her little one. Mulvenna took to Twitter and communicated, “It’s couple of out of each and every odd day Woody Harrelson creates your daughter a work.”

She similarly addressed Harrelson’s post on Instagram, saying, “You’ve made us inexpressibly pleased can scarcely hold on to show her this when she’s more prepared, you have another fan until the end of time.”