William Shatner Reveals Mixed Emotions from Trip to Space: ‘Everything I Had Thought Was Wrong’

William Shatner’s excursion to space left him with blended feelings.

Back in October 2021, the Star Trip entertainer, 91, went on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Beginning space transport, turning into the most established living individual to go into space.


In a passage from his new book Strikingly Go: Reflections on an Existence of Stunningness and Miracle got by Assortment, Shatner itemized that he was shocked by how he responded to the experience. “You can unfortunately set up a limited amount much for an excursion out of Earth’s climate!” Shatner said, per Assortment.

“I love the secret of the universe. I love every one of the inquiries that have come to us north of millennia of investigation and speculations,” he composed.

All of that became optional when he looked out into space. “There was no secret, no magnificent wonder to observe… all I saw was demise,” said Shatner.

At the point when his consideration got back to Earth, he perceived all that he was abandoning — and that it meant quite a bit to him.

“It was life. Supporting, maintaining, life. Mother Earth. Gaia. What’s more, I was leaving her,” Shatner proceeded.

“All that I had believed was off-base,” Shatner then, at that point, definite.  “I had felt that going into space would be a definitive therapy of that association I had been searching for between every living thing — that being up there would be the following wonderful move toward grasping the congruity of the universe.”

Contrasting his involvement in Jodie Encourage’s personality in the film Contact, Shatner added, “I found that the excellence isn’t out there, it’s down here, with us all.

Abandoning that made my association with our small planet considerably more significant.”

In the selection, Shatner composed that he later scholarly he “was in good company in this inclination,” which is known as the “Outline Impact” and is “normal among space travelers.”

Begat by space creator and thinker Frank White, the strong peculiarity depicts how seeing the planet from space can really impact an individual’s point of view on The planet — and life.

“It supported ten times my own view on the force of our lovely, secretive aggregate human ensnarement, and in the long run, it returned a sensation of desire to my heart,” he composed.

In October 2021, the Emmy Grant winning entertainer additionally educated Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos concerning his encounters high over the blue planet.

“As it were, it’s unbelievable,” Shatner told Bezos, 58, who made his own excursion to space in July 2021.

“In addition to the fact that it is not the same as your thought process, it works out so rapidly,” he added during a Blue Beginning live stream.

The Emmy-winning entertainer shared more on the TODAY show, telling co-has Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb that he was “overpowered” by his unbelievable experience.

“At the point when I was there [in space], all that I thought may be shrewd to say [about the trip] departed for good,” he said. “I was struck so significantly by it.”

Intensely Go: Reflections on an Existence of Stunningness and Miracle, which is co-wrote by Josh Brandon, is accessible for buy now.