Will Smith Makes Rare Appearance In Wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s Birthday Video

Will Smith might be remaining unnoticed these days, but that didn’t stop the 53-year-old performer from lauding his soul mate, Jada Pinkett Smith’s, 51st birthday.

On Monday, Jada shared a sweet video of her birthday serenade, featuring herself in a stunning red outfit as her loved ones, including Will and their youngster, Jaden Smith, sang to her as she covered the candles on her cake.


Exactly when someone called out “talk,” Jada smiled and said, “I’m essentially thankful. I’m significantly grateful.”

“The end,” Will energetically wrapped it up as their friends and family cheered and Jaden gave his mom a hug.

Will has commonly kept away from the spotlight since his Walk 2022 Oscars shock when he slapped Chris Rock before an audience after the performer made a fun of Jada’s hair. Jada has been genuine to life about her fights with alopecia starting around 2018.

In July, Will introduced a video mollifying opinion on Chris, saying, “My approach to acting was unacceptable and I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.”

“I can’t stand when I let people down. So it hurts, it hurts me intellectually and truly to acknowledge I didn’t fulfill people’s image and impression of me,” the Ruler Richard star, who went onto win an Oscar, told watchers in the video admission corner. “Additionally, the work I’m endeavoring to do is, Please accept my apologies and I’m endeavoring to be humble without being humiliated about myself. I’m human and I committed a mistake, and I’m taking the necessary steps not to see myself as a piece of s**t.”

A source as of late told ET, that, straightforwardly following his demeanor of regret, “Will is feeling extensively more certain and considerably more great and less deterred.”

“He was in very discouragement going before uncovering his assertion of disappointment,” the source noted. “He feels less humiliated now and more open to being getting out and about in open again considering the way that he has and continues to achieve the work that ought to be done for himself, his soul mate, his family, his sidekicks, his accomplices, his fans, The Establishment, Chris and Chris’ friends and family.”