Why Some Smart Men Don’t Want To Get Married To Smart Women – Mary Njoku Speaks

Nigerian entertainer Mary Njoku has given a few reasons a few men would rather not get hitched to shrewd ladies.

Most men today think shrewd and aggressive ladies are bad spouse materials thus go in for young ladies they believe are imbecilic yet Mary Njoku is allowing them to see now that few out of every odd young lady they see as stupid is moronic on the grounds that a main claim to get what they need and uncover their genuine self.


As per Mary Njoku, shrewd ladies lean toward brilliant men yet most savvy men don’t need shrewd ladies in this way, the brilliant young ladies are getting what they need by being imbecilic until they go into the house then they show how shrewd they are.

Taking to her Instagram page, she expressed: “Brilliant ladies favor savvy in men however most shrewd men don’t need savvy ladies. So the brilliant young ladies are getting what they need by being idiotic. Until they go into the HOUSE.

Oga, not all moronic young ladies are stupid. The genuine ‘Spouse Material’ is brilliant and aggressive! I suppose you must be savvy to know that. It’s 2022!!! ”

Review that the mother of three had said that when a man assists with dealing with the children in any capacity, there’s nothing mind blowing about that, as he doesn’t be guaranteed to merit being commended in light of the fact that the youngsters are his too. So assisting with dealing with them is too an obligation he should satisfy.

Mary Njoku then, at that point, gave an illustration of how a companion of hers was hailing her significant other for clearing his plate subsequent to eating and that isn’t something to be hailed for in light of the fact that it’s just normal for somebody to simply clear his/her plates in the wake of eating.