Why Oprah Got Emotional During Final Ellen Visit?

After 19 seasons, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will come to a close by on May 26. Nevertheless, before we bid goodbye, Oprah Winfrey came around to be one of Ellen DeGeneres’ last guests.

Notwithstanding, communicating goodbye to a network show was the same old thing for Oprah, whose long-chasing after series completed 25 seasons in 2011.


“I got to some degree near and dear behind the stage since I saw your entire staff is back there and I imparted to everybody, ‘I understand what this feels like, with a few days left,” Oprah said during her visit.

She continued, “I guess I’m obliterating considering the way that seeing your staff truly set off me for what it seems like when you have these people who become your friends and family. This has been your home.”

Behind the stage, Oprah rooted for the gathering the “unbelievable work” they’ve done and “for making this show what it is truly pursuing years.”

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Moreover, as the recording and the show begin to wrap, Ellen saw that she has been “endeavoring to stay present in this and feel every single piece of it.”

After Oprah let Ellen in on the sum she will be exceptionally missed, she replied, “I trust so in light of the fact that that suggests that I made a difference and I understand that that is all we’re called to do is to have importance in our life.”

Ellen continued, “I’ve found that from you and that is the manner by which you helped me.”

Various guests joining the last episode of the partnered program consolidate Billie Eilish, Pink, and the show’s outright first guest in 2003, Jennifer Aniston.

Express goodbye to The Ellen DeGeneres Show when the series finale airs on May 26.