Who were David Sigers and James Thomas? US Army veteran and father of 4 killed in ‘execution-style’ double homicide

Orlando, Florida: David “Daniel” Sigers and James Michael “Bo” Thomas were found dead with various discharge wounds in a home off Sawtooth Road on August 1, as per delegates from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Scotty Rhoden guaranteed that it had been for such a long time since a crime happened in Baker County, Florida, that he can’t remember it. On August 3, Rhoden expressed at a public interview, “Examinations were done… . These two casualties were ruthlessly killed, and it’s conceivable that they were targets. Beyond a shadow of a doubt: This was a homicide done in the way of an execution.

Individuals in this meagerly populated province of around 30,000 are panicked by the shocking realities of the occurrence on the grounds that such a huge amount about the case is as yet a secret, with no known suspects and not a great explanation. Specialists expected that the shooting happened during the end of the week. As per the sheriff’s office, two grown-up guys were found dead from what seemed, by all accounts, to be shot injuries when representatives entered the home, the Miami Herald reports.


A $5,000 reward is being presented by representatives to anybody with data about the homicide of two men in Macclenny. Along with the sheriff’s office, the Florida Sheriffs’ Association’s Criminal Apprehension Assistance Program (CAAP) is investigating the twofold murder.

How frequently the folks were shot, the explanation criminal investigators think they were designated, and the explanation the crime location is classified “merciless” are a portion of the data that was held back. Rhoden added that there is no confirmation connecting the killings to sedate use. As indicated by specialists, Thomas just had “some minor offense convictions” on his record, while Sigers had no lawbreaker foundation.

In the event that you saw any dubious or uncommon exercises throughout the end of the week, kindly let the police know. Nothing is excessively little, as per Rhoden. As per a tribute, it occurred at Sigers’ home, where he drove “a quiet, segregated presence.” According to his eulogy, he “was a long-term occupant of Baker County,” served in the US Army, and played nose monitor for the Baker High Wildcats football crew.

As per his eulogy, Thomas likewise went to Baker High and experienced childhood in Macclenny. He had four youngsters and ran Bo Thomas Construction LLC. The two men were talented artists and trackers, with Thomas playing in the Modern Day Troubadours and Whiskey Moon String Band, as per his tribute. As per the sheriff’s office, there is no proof that occupants in the scantily populated region are under “approaching danger.” That hasn’t, in any case, eased stresses or shut down bits of hearsay about the explanation. Numerous people have requests that are not presently being tended to.

“For what reason do you guess they were picked as targets? How would you realize they could target another person in a similar spot in the event that they were designated? Request posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page by Angie Vlacos Sams. “Obviously, different individuals took part in this. Micah Morrison expressed, “This must be at least two. “Somebody has data! Individuals talk,” said Eric Howard. Michelle Dawn Lowe Baughman exhorted on her Facebook page to “say your requests, lock all entryways, and keep your weapon nearby.”