Who Was Raheel Ahmad? TikTok Photographer Sania Khan Killed In An Apparent Murder-Suicide

Raheel Ahmad was the previous spouse of TikTok Photographer Sania Khan. She was seen discussing their separation openly on the grounds that Raheel was irate.

Sania Khan is a Pakistani-American photographic artist who as of late moved to Chicago. She was shot and killed by her ex named, Raheel Ahmad. She is really famous on TikTok also and used to share transparently the terrible encounters she had with Raheel.

Raheel and his relatives were distraught that she was freely talking about their partition. That could be the principal justification for the homicide self destruction that Ahmad did.

Who Is Raheel Ahmad? Raheel Ahmad is the ex of the notable TikTok Star Sania Khan. As indicated by the specialists, Raheel shot his significant other and later committed suicide.

Ahmad was 36 years of age man. He and Sania as of late got isolated from one another the previous winter. Their conventional separation was settled in May. After their split, he used to live with his family in the Atlanta Suburb.

Moreover, the executioner couldn’t process that he was separated from Sania. The beginning report shows the reason for homicide self destruction as homegrown conflicts. After their division, Sania was considering getting back and beginning her new life per her companions.

Sania was found with a shot physical issue on her head. According to the police, “In the 200 block of E. Ohio, on eighteenth July 2022 around 4:30 PM, the two of them were seen as dead. A weapon was likewise recuperated, and the Detectives are exploring.”

TikTok Photographer Sania Khan Killed In Murder-Suicide TikTok photographic artist and star Sania Khan has been killed by her previous spouse. He first and foremost killed his ex and later self destruction by terminating himself to death.

Sania was just 29 years of age when she was killed. She was keen on shooting and was a college alum filling in as an airline steward. She was a multi-skilled lady. The star wedded Raheel and later chose to separate from him and begin another life.

At the point when Raheel saw Sania acquiring popularity via web-based entertainment and discussing their partition, he blew up and killed her. He arranged and followed Khan to take her life and his also.

According to a few reports, the executioner ventured out from Georgia to Chicago with the goal that he could shoot his ex-accomplice on Monday evening. From that point forward, he committed suicide before the police could capture him.

What has been going on with Raheel Ahmad? Raheel Ahmad ended his own life in the wake of killing his ex-accomplice Sania Khan. He killed Sania in any case on Monday evening and later committed suicide before he could be brought under care.

The police and specialists were there at Sania’s home to check in the event that Ahmad was there or not, as he was accounted for missing by his family members. Be that as it may, they heard gunfire when they thumped on the entryway. In this way, the police and different specialists entered the entryway powerfully.

At the point when they got inside, they saw Sania close to the entryway with a gunfire twisted on the rear of her head. She was not answering or breathing and was announced dead at the crime location. Raheel was likewise tracked down in similar room with a shot in his mind and was taken promptly toward the Northwestern Memorial Hospital yet couldn’t figure out how to make due.