Who Was LJ Dubai Bling Husband Walif Juffali and What Was His Net Worth? Her Husband List

LJ Dubai Bling’s significant other, Walif Juffali, died in 2016.

oujain Adada is a Lebanese model and television moderator. She is right now 35 years of age. The TV character is known for her appearance in the TV series Dubai Bling. In November 2012, she took promises with Saudi money manager Walid Al-Juffali in Venice.


LJ is one of the ten moguls in the new Netflix series. The series concerns a few moguls from Dubai and tell the story of their regular day to day existence and connections.

Fast Realities About Loujain Adada Who Was LJ Dubai Bling Spouse, Walid Juffali? Dubai Bling’s LJ hitched her dearest spouse, Walid Juffali, in 2012.

Full Name Loujain Adada
Short Name LJ
Age 35
Birth Date 1987
Birth Place California
Marital Status Widow
Husband Walid Juffali
Children two daughters, TJ and Lana
Known for Dubai Bling
Net worth $3.8 million
Profession Lebanese model and TV presenter

He was the administrator of the biggest exclusive venture E. A. Juffali and Brothers, in Saudi Arabia. He expected the organization after the end of his dad, a Saudi finance manager Ahmed canister Abdullah Al Juffali.

Juffali was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on April 30, 1995. He was from a well off and cryptic family from UNayzah, Al-Qassim. His mother was Suad bint Ibrahim Al Husseini. She was connected with Kamil of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin of Jerusalem, Khalid container Ahmed Al Juffali and Tarek canister Ahmed Al Juffali.

Juffali died at age 61 on July 20, 2016, in Zurich, Switzerland, because of malignant growth. After his downfall, his bequest is presently dealt with by his brother Sheik Khalid canister Ahmed Al Juffali who turned into the legitimate gatekeeper of Juffali’s five girls.

Walid Juffali Spouses Walid Juffali wedded three spouses, Basma Al-Sulaiman (1980-2000), Christina Estrada (2001-14), and Loujain Adada (m. 2012).

Walid Juffali First Spouse Basma Al-Sulaiman most memorable spouse was Basma. The couple tied the marriage hitch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1980 and split in 2000. The couple used to live in a marble royal residence. In the separation settlement, she got £40 million.

Juffali had three youngsters with his most memorable spouse. He had one child Mohammed and two girls, Dina and Hala. Nonetheless, his child died because of a Myocardial dead tissue on May 16, 2008.

Estrada and Juffali wedded in 2001. She is an American previous Pirelli Calender model. The couple separated from following 13 years of marriage. The model petitioned for legal separation in 2012 after her significant other wedded Loujain Adada, as Saudi regulation permits up to four spouses. Two or three has a wonderful girl Sirina.

Walid Juffali Third Spouse, Loujain Adada Juffali wedded his third spouse while he was hitched to Christina Estrada. He wedded her on November 2021. The Lebanese model was just 25 years of age when she wedded Juffali.

The amount Was Walid Juffali Total assets? Walid Juffali’s total assets has been assessed in billions.

His significant other Estrada had granted with euro 75 million in July 2016 as a separation settlement which turned into the biggest remuneration in English legitimate history.

Juffali was the director of The Saudi American Bank. He was the director of the American worldwide compound partnership The Dow Synthetic Organization in 2005. Around the same time, the financial specialist turned into a load up individual from Nabors Ventures Restricted.

Juffali had put $100m in Al-Walid Al Juffali Organization and had a 5% stake in Hitachi. He had 11%stake subsequent to buying the stake in Manchester Joined Football Club in May 2012. He served the place of administrator in E. A. Juffali and Brothers from 2005.

Loujain Adada Sweetheart Rundown In 2012, she was hitched to his late spouse. After his death, she has not seen any significant individual.

The model appeared to be centered around her profession line more than tracking down a counterpart for her. On June 10, she shared an image of her late companion on her Instagram.

She stuck, ‘Everlastingly in my heart, it’s been right around six years without you and my little girls without their dad, and there will be no affection to anybody like the adoration I had for you; our adoration for life is remarkable, and u gave it to your little girls.’

Loujain Adada Family LJ was born to a straightforward family foundation in 1987. The 35-year-old competitor is glad to be a Lebanese local. The previous model was born in California and moved to Lebanon with her family early on.

LJ started her schooling in the US. She made her first magazine promoting name in quite a while in Beirut. Loujain shot. The model was important for a wonder commercial during her school days.

At the point when she was 21, LJ got a challenge to secure a music program on MTV Lebanon named Energy Twist Magazine. It made the defining moment for the model in her life.