Who Was Dr Dirk Greineder Wife Mabel Greineder? Husband Found Guilty Of Killing His Wife And Charges Explained

Dr. Dirk Greineder’s significant other, Mabel Greineder, was severely killed on Halloween 1999. Mabel Greineder was having a typical morning walk when she was gone after and killed close to a long time back. The homicide was a conundrum to her known ones and the researching group after she unexpectedly lost her life.

During the time, her significant other, Dr. Dirk Greineder, had to deal with the penalties of her homicide, paying little mind to asserting his blamelessness. What occurred next left everybody in shock with the case update. Examination Discovery shrouded the case in the episode “Wedded With Secrets: Cold Blue Blood.” Learn more about the misfortune where a blameless lady lost her life.


Dr. Dirk Greineder Wife Mabel Greineder Murder Case Dr. Dirk Greineder’s significant other, Mabel Greineder, was a medical caretaker who had been hitched to her PCP spouse for close to thirty years. Her life was regular with a wonderful family until she violently got killed.

She imparted a child and two little girls to her drawn out accomplice in her wedded life. Everything began on 31 October 1999, when Mabel got gone after toward the beginning of the day.

Her significant other, Dirk, at the time announced the occurrence to 911 about his better half getting gone after. The casualty was 58 years old when she left the world.

The officials tracked down the casualty with her cut throat and cutting injury on the chest. Likewise, following the report, the couple were with their family canine close by the home around Morse’s Pond region.

Upon assessment, he told the police group that his better half harmed her back during the walk and requested that he go further with their canine. He likewise guaranteed that the canine got back to his better half inevitably.

He likewise left an explanation that she was harmed and draining while at the same time viewing as her and went to request help. The examination group found wrongdoing proof of some medical gloves, lighter liquid, sledge, blade, and Zip Lock sacks.

Where Is The Killer Dr. Dirk Greineder Now? The jury tracked down Dr. Dirk Greineder at legitimate fault for the first-degree murder of his better half, Mabel. He kept on keeping up with his honesty even subsequent to getting a prison sentence.

He currently chips away at jail change with his youngsters. Following the records, Dirk is by all accounts detained at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Norfolk County at Norfolk.

The court sentenced him for homicide in June 2001, something like a year after the homicide. He was 60 years old at when he confronted a prison sentence with no parole.

More On Dr. Dirk Greineder Arrest And Charges
Dr. Dirk Greineder was captured with first-degree murder accusations after the jury viewed him to be liable. The DNA investigation uncovered that the gloves and blade at the crime locations matched his.

Further, upon careful examination, the cop found him enrolling for a mallet in the store. What’s more, the group found a receipt for the nails bought from a neighborhood tool shop.

Additionally, he likewise conceded to having an extramarital illicit relationship when he stayed wedded to his significant other.