Who Was Breanna Burgess? Pregnant Mom Stabbed To Death

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, a pregnant Brianna Burgess, mother of three, was wounded to death in Forth Drive in LaGrange. The aggressors were uncovered to be Curteze Avery and Shallandra Freeman, who had known the casualty for quite some time.

Police captured the executioners later and found proof connecting them to the homicide of the 26-year-old in their home. In any case, the justification for the assault has not been distinguished at this point.


Who Was Brianna Burgess? Brianna Burgess was a single parent of three who was wounded to death on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. The 26-year-old was pregnant with a fourth kid.

Her body was found in Fort Drive in LaGrange with different cut injuries when officials were doing a standard check of the area. As indicated by specialists, the embryo additionally didn’t endure the assault.

The killers killed her in the vehicle and afterward dropped the body off on Fort Drive. Relatives set up a GoFundMe to cover the burial service and the kids’ government assistance. Till now, $10,750 has been brought up in the pledge drive.

The departed Brianna’s family was devastated after the episode. Her auntie Melissa Kurian said she was confused the way in which somebody could do that to another person. Other relatives additionally shared their mistrust and distress at the awful idea of the occurrence.

Brianna Burgess – Pregnant Mom Stabbed To Death Brianna Burgess was a mother of three youngsters, five, seven, and nine years of age, and she was five months pregnant and expecting a child young lady when she was cut to death.

The episode has been broadly scrutinized because of its frightful nature and the way that a pregnant lady was killed. The hatchling didn’t endure the assault. Why Brianna was killed stays a secret.

A vigil was held, and expands were delivered on Friday, July 29, to respect the existence of Brianna Burgess. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation additionally directed an examination of the 26-year-old.

Where Could Curteze Avery And Shallandra Freeman Now be? As per Crime Online, Curteze Avery and Shallandra Freeman are right now held in the Troup Country Jail. The two are accused of homicide and felicide and are presently held without bond.

Curteze Avery is a 28-year-elderly person, and Shallandra Freeman is a 27-year-elderly person who knew Brianna for a long time and designated her. As per People, the specialists found proof in the home of Curteze and Shallandra, which associated them to the homicide.

However the homicide was not an irregular demonstration of brutality, the thought process in the homicide has not been distinguished till now. The two suspects designated her, however the explanation stays a secret.