Who Is the Young Actor Leo Ashton Starring as Aemond Targaryen in ‘House of the Dragon’?

Leo Ashton portrays the petulant teen Aemond Targaryen on HBO’s “House of the Dragon.” In episode seven, Aemond pulls off the most important dragon heist Westeros has ever visible through claiming the dragon Vhagar after his aunt’s funeral.

Leo Ashton performs Aemond Targaryen in the HBO fable “House of the Dragon.” Aemond is the second one-born son and 0.33 toddler of King Viserys I Targaryen and Queen Alicent. He is delivered as a sulky youngster, bullied via his brother and nephews for no longer having a dragon.


In real existence, Ashton is self-deprecating, stupid, and humble. He is continuously thanking human beings on his 6,000-strong Instagram. In a reel on the end of production, he honors the group, HBO, mum, and his driving force – who he cheekily asked to undertake him.

Main Facts about Leo Ashton is from Chorley in Lancashire, England. The young actor gave up his spot at Parklands High School in want of homeschooling due to his aggravating agenda. Actress mum, Melanie Ash, runs an performing college inLancashire called “Meladrama.”

At 14, the teenager already has an excellent list of TV and film credit just like the horror youngster drama Red Rose, The Bay, Peterloo, Deep Water, and Doctors. He has acted along performing greats along with Morven Christie, Anna Friel, and Maxine Peake.

Like his “Dragon” person, Ashton has had a few setbacks earlier than locating success. In an inspirational publish, he admits that there have been a variety of no’s earlier than he got a yes.

ow Leo Becomes Aemond In the seventh episode of “Dragon,” Aemond is maimed, causing him to lose an eye. The bloody impact took the make-up crew ninety mins. In a submit praising their talent, Ashton shared images of the complex process with prosthetics and a formidable cap behind the scenes.

In the supply material, “A Dance with Dragons” by using George R. R. Martin, Aemond attracts first blood in an epic conflict.
He also thanked fanatics for his or her wonderful comments on his acting capacity. He confided that his hip become damaged at some stage in the shoot, which he thinks made him as hard as his individual.

What Does Leo Say approximately Playing Aemond? The actor appeared to have drawn the inspiration for his individual’s villainous flip from the “James Bond” movies he watched as a little one. He quipped on Instagram that it became his mum’s fault if he was a “psycho” at the show. Ashton said on “Inside the Episode”:

“Aemond is pretty an introverted, sad child who’s long gone through many hardships. Obviously, whilst he receives that dragon, his temper changes and he looks like he can do some thing he desires. And it really is in which that villain comes into play.”

Ashton gave a shout-out to his stunt double Patch Davies, who is additionally an actor. Due to hard work legal guidelines, infant actors are best permitted to paintings some hours a day, and Davies filled in while he became at college.

Siblings of Aemond and His Future The Targaryen family tree becomes more intertwined the higher one is going. The King has a daughter, Rhaenyra, performed by Emma D’Arcy as an grownup and Milly Alcock as a youngster, along with his first wife, Queen Aemma Arryn.

After his spouse dies seeking to undergo him a son, Viserys marries Rhaenyra’s early life confidant, Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke as an grownup and Emily Carey as a youngster). His second marriage produces four youngsters who all emerge as dragon-riders: Aegon, Helaena, Aemond, and Daeron.

Many see Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) as the rightful heir as opposed to his half of-sister Rhaenyra, notwithstanding his disinterest. Helaena (Phia Saban) is an early pawn in the complex family dynamics when she temporarily promised to her cousin.

In the supply fabric, “A Dance with Dragons” with the aid of George R. R. Martin, Aemond draws first blood in an epic warfare. Ewan Mitchell will portray the grownup new release of the King’s second-born son. The show is notorious for its time jumps and individual modifications.