Who Is Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani? Taliban Killed With Bomb In Artificial Leg

In a bomb impact, the Taliban and Afghanistan lost their unmistakable figure, Sheik Rahimullah Haqqani.

Haqqani’s demise marks the primary passing of a compelling Taliban and strict figure in the country after the Taliban’s re-visitation of force this year.


Beside his immense effect on the decision bunch, the late Haqqani was known for his receptiveness to the global media. He is remarkable for his furious discourses and late promise for young ladies’ all in all correct to schooling in the country.

Wikipedia: Sheik Rahimullah Haqqani Was A Senior Taliban Cleric The Taliban’s regarded priest was an Islamic pastor and had shown various Taliban over time.

NDTV reports that Sheik Rahimullah Haqqani stood firm on no authority footing inside the Taliban and its ongoing government. Notwithstanding, he rehearsed truly an impact on the gathering individuals.

Haqqani’s sad end has made him a saint, as numerous Taliban chiefs have communicated their sympathies.

BBC composes that he upheld Afghanistan’s Taliban government and was an unmistakable pundit of the gatherings that went against the Taliban’s standard.

Sheik Haqqani principally opposed the adversary jihadist assailant bunch Islamic State Khorasan Province (IS-K), the provincial subsidiary of IS working in Afghanistan.

In the interim, he was not connected with Afghanistan’s Haqqani assailant bunch organization however he had a similar name.

The Taliban Was Killed In A Suicide Bomb Blasted In Artificial Leg Sheik Haqqani was martyred in a self destruction bomb impact in his Kabul theological school, Madrassa Zubeiri, which he had been setting out toward the previous years.

Al Jazeera revealed that the assailant had an excised leg and had brought the touchy secret in his plastic fake leg.

Kabul police representative Khalid Zadran let AFP know that Sheik Haqqani and one of his brothers lost their lives in the blast, while three others were injured.

The fresh insight about the blast and the Islamic minister’s demise has reached all over, acquiring global consideration.

In the mean time, sources via online entertainment, particularly Twitter, guarantee that this isn’t the main death endeavor against the late Sheik.

He recently endure two endeavors; one of every 2013 in Ring Road, Peshawar, and one more on October 27, 2020.

Rival Islamist bunch ISIS claims Sheik Rahimullah Haqqani’s Death After the Thursday episode, ISIL asserted liability regarding the assault on its wire channels soon thereafter.

The gathering bound that the plane had exploded a hazardous vest inside the workplace of the late Taliban researcher.

WION News affirms that the Islamic State (IS) association had recently promised to kill the evangelist.

As an ally and top figure of the Taliban, his presence marked disquiet for the ISKP (ISIS-K). Subsequently, in spite of getting back to control in Afghanistan a year prior, ISIS had been making standard assaults on the country.

ISIL’s Afghan-based bunch had been expanding their assaults on mosques and minorities across Afghanistan.

The associate gathering has been working there beginning around 2014 and is as of now the main security challenge looked by the Taliban government.