Who Is Samantha Herrera? John McAfee Ex Girlfriend Claims He Is Alive and On The Run

Samantha Herrera is the ex of famous tech magnate John McAfee. She dated McAfee for a really long time before he unloaded her for Janice Dyson.

For the people who don’t know John, he is the maker of McAfee Anti-infection programming. In 2020, he was captured over US tax avoidance charges in Spain. He was additionally blamed for worldwide reconnaissance and common viciousness. The tech-business person was broadly answered to have draped himself inside a Spanish prison while looking for US removal. In a new Netflix narrative, McAfee’s ex, Herrera declares that the crypto-character organized his own demise. What is reality?


John McAfee Is Alive, Claims His Ex-Girlfriend In A Netflix Doc Samantha Herrera claims John McAfee, the man she dated, is as yet alive. She declares the tech tycoon has faked his demise by paying off the authorities in the correctional facilities. In spite of the fact that, she isn’t clear where McAfee could be in the current day.

In the keep going meeting on Netflix’s Running with the Devil, Herrera was asked when she was in the last touch with McAfee. She answered as cited in the New York Post:

“I couldn’t say whether I ought to say. However, fourteen days prior, after his passing, I got a call from Texas. It’s me, John. I took care of individuals to imagine that I am dead, however I am not dead.” Herrera then, at that point, added that McAfee expressed there are just three individuals who have some familiarity with him. She likewise said that the investor believed her should take off with him, however she was dumped by McAfee, who wedded Janice Dyson all things being equal.

After Herrera made surprising claims, including Charlie Russell, the overseer of Running with the Devil, everybody is stunned to discover that McAfee could in any case be alive.

Russell said as cited in The New York Post: “I don’t have any idea what I think and I don’t figure she does. She says it, then she takes a gander at the camera, and I can’t resolve regardless of whether she believes it’s genuine. She’s somebody who was extremely furious at John.”

He proceeded: “John guaranteed them a coexistence and I think they were truly enamored, in spite of the colossal age distinction, I think he offered her a genuinely unique future, then, at that point, he in a real sense dumped her at the boundary and I believe that is exceptionally excruciating for herself as well as it’s required her years to move past that.”

Who Is Samantha Herrera? Samantha Herrera is the previous accomplice of John McAfee. She is initially from Belize, a Caribbean country.

As per Samantha, she and McAfee were living in San Pedro, Belize. They began dating when she was just eighteen years of age.

In 2012, the couple escaped their home after the dubious passing of their neighbor, a Florida man

Did John McAfee Really Fake His Own Death? Samantha Herrera claims John McAfee is as yet alive. Notwithstanding, McAfee’s dead body is accounted for to be presently positioned in a Spanish funeral home.

The British-American business person had been imprisoned in the Barcelona-region Brians 2 prison very nearly eight months before his demise. He was anticipating USA removal prior to ending it all.

According to Reuters, four months before he passed himself, the tycoon made an endeavor on his own life. In any case, not long after his death, his widow, Janice McAfee asserted that he was not self-destructive.

Preceding his demise, McAfee had been tweeting mysteriously that it wouldn’t be self destruction assuming he was found dead in prison.

The product magnate tweeted on October 15, 2020: “I’m content in here. I have companions. The food is great. Everything is well.”Know that in the event that I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no shortcoming of mine.”

All in all, Samantha Herrera’s declarations ought to in any case be thought about. The world realizes that McAfee had such countless big associations in various regions of the planet. He had an expected total assets of USD 100 million, utilizing which anybody can without much of a stretch phony his passing. By and by, there are adequate verifications to think about Herrera’s words.