Who Is Post Malone Brother Jordan Lake? He Is A Former Marine

Post Malone’s brother, Jordan Lake, is a previous marine. Jordan acquainted Malone with Pearl Jam’s Better Man, and the craftsman has been the band’s fan from that point forward.

Expertly known as Post Malone, Austin Richard Post, is an American rapper, vocalist, and musician with a worldwide fanbase. As somebody continually under the public eye, individuals as of late blabbered about Post Malone’s pregnant fiancee being MLMA, which you can peruse independently.


He began his profession in the music business in 2011. Despite the fact that he didn’t gain a lot of appreciation to start with years, his 2015 delivery, Whit* Iverson, turned into his unique advantage tune as it acquired overall fame. It positioned at number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Malone’s rocket ascend in the business got him a record manage Republic Records, and with the joint effort, the craftsman delivered his presentation collection, Stoney, in 2016. It contained fan main tune Congratulations which is a jewel evaluated single.

From that point forward, the rapper has just advanced further in his vocation, and presently with a huge number of fans across different media stages and around the world, Post Malone is a worldwide hotshot.

Many individuals follow him intently, and as they stay aware of the man, they as of late learned about his brother, Jordan lake, who acquainted Post with Pearl Jam when he was as yet a youthful young person. Before we discuss the referenced brother of Malone, here are a few realities about the craftsman.

Who Is Post Malone Brother Jordan Lake? Post Malone’s brother, Jordan Lake, is his more youthful maternal relative who recently served in the marine.

Jordan acquainted Malone with Pearl Jam, as the previous marine brother used to play the musical crew’s Better Man while they cruised all over. He was positioned in Hawaii, and the rapper went to meet him when he was around 12 or 13 years of age, as Post expressed himself during the Howard Stern Show, reports Revolver.

Lake is alive and is a “lovely man,” as the craftsman replied when Stern inquired as to whether the man’s presence. Malone sang a similar tune, Better Man, on the show as he reviewed the minutes he imparted to his brother and said thanks to him for acquainting him with Pearl Jam.

The program was in June 2022, so we accept Jordan is doing affirm and carrying on with a decent life as the American vocalist didn’t explicitly focus on his a portion of kin’s current whereabouts.

Jordan Lake Age: How Old Is Post Malone Brother? Post Malone’s brother Jordan Lake is around the age scope of 22-27 years of age. He is more youthful than the 27-year-old rapper.

While examining the show where Post talked about his brother, Revolver reports his brother Lake as a more youthful kin to the craftsman. Since the Congratulations genius is 27 years of age, his more youthful brother would almost certainly be all things considered 27, in the event that not lower.

Moreover, Lake is a previous Marine, so we anticipate that he should be north of twenty years of age and around the mid-20s. In any case, his precise age and birthdate subtleties are a secret to the media and the untouchables.

Jordan Lake Parents Details Jordan Lake has a similar mother as Post Malone, Nicole, as they are maternal half-kin, per the reports.

The artist musician, Austin, was born to his folks, Nicole and Rich Post. In any case, he grew up with his dad and stepmother, Jodie, per Wikipedia, which gives that his natural guardians isolated when he was as yet youthful.

It was presumably after the separation that Nicole invited Jordan. In any case, there is no data about his dad since media sources have never covered the topic, and it has not come to expansive consideration.

Jordan Lake Is Yet To Be Found On Instagram While Post Malone has a monstrous fan following on Instagram, his brother Jordan Lake’s presence is mysteriously gone.

Post is a worldwide hotshot with more than 22.8 million Instagram supporters with whom he consistently shares refreshes about his life. Despite the fact that he is dynamic via virtual entertainment, he has not referenced his half-kin, Jordan, on any posts or shared pictures, since the craftsman normally transfers about his works and expert life.

Then again, Lake’s presence on the photograph sharing stage is likewise unconfirmed, as his record stays unidentified despite the fact that a couple of profiles are under the name. In this way, almost certainly, the man isn’t accessible on the media site.

Post Malone’s Net Worth Is $45 Million Post Malone has an expected total assets of $45 million, reports Celebrity Net Worth. He is a worldwide genius with various hit melodies.

It further expounds on the craftsman’s profession features, talking about his sort bowing class of tunes that has a place with different classifications like hip-jump, pop, and country. The source likewise subtleties that Malone procures $500k per show and created more than $60 million in no less than a year from June 2019 to 2020.

Other than his music arrangements and business income, Post likewise brings in a lot of cash from underwriting and sponsorship bargains.