Who Is Pedro Panjon From Connecticut? Sonia Loja Husband Shattered By Wife & Children’s Death

Pedro Panjon, from Connecticut, is the dad of three small kids who were killed inside their home; the cops accepted they were stifled to death by their mom, who later committed suicide too.

A loathsome occurrence occurred inside their Danbury home on Whaley St., and Pedro was the first who found the dead bodies of youngsters. He quickly educated about the wrongdoing by calling 911.


We should go through this article to get familiar with Pedro Panjon and his loved ones.

Who Is Pedro Panjon? Sonia Loja Husband Pedro Panjon, who functions as an exterior decorator and woodworker, from Connecticut, tracked down his three kids dead before his eyes inside their Danbury home on Whaley St. Isn’t this tragic?

In the interim, Pedro was outside his home for certain works when this horrifying wrongdoing happened. At the point when he got back and found the winded bodies of his kids, he had no control over himself and started sobbing sorrowfully. He didn’t track down his better half, Sonia Loja, around then.

At the point when the officials showed up at the crime location, they accepted Sonia choked the three youngsters to death and later carried out self destruction. They found the group of Loja hanging in a shed in the patio. She died of asphyxia by hanging.

Pedro Panjon Wife Sonia Loja Husband and Children’s Death Sonia Loja’s significant other was broken by the grievous occurrence in which he lost his three small kids, Junior Panjon, Jonael Panjon, and his better half.

Moreover, when Pedro got back, he found a letter from his significant other in which she made sense of each of the disastrous things she had done. She wrote in a self destruction letter, “Sorry Pedro, I’m taking my youngsters with me.” A 36-year-old woman assembled such guts to murder her kids and herself. That was inconceivable!

Pedro was crushed by the scene, and he supposedly swooned after he tracked down the bodies of his children. Junior Panjon was 12 years of age, Joselyn Panjon was 10, and Jonael Panjon was just 5 at the hour of their strangulation.

Sources uncovered that she had been doing combating wretchedness for quite a while and felt upset after the end of her unlawful kid care business. Be that as it may, she never showed any sort of savage action to her youngsters previously.

What’s more, her occupation was looking after children, the city requested her to shut her business down. After this occurrence, she was very miserable and needed to telecommute. She illuminated her sister pretty much that large number of conditions, and her sister vowed to visit her however tragically couldn’t meet her.

In addition, Pedro’s life won’t ever go back from this point forward, and he is an appalling dad who saw the merciless dead bodies of his blameless children, choked by their own mom.

Pedro Panjon Facebook Photos And More Pedro Panjon now and then posts photos of his family on his Facebook account. In any case, it appears he isn’t exceptionally dynamic via virtual entertainment and there are relatively few posts for him.

After the brutal passing of his family, the web was overwhelmed with sympathies. May God give him the solidarity to adapt to this tough spot.