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Rina Tinkova is the stunning spouse of the well-known entrepreneur and businessman Oleg Tinkov.

Oleg Yuryevich Tinkov, a Cypriot entrepreneur and businessman, was born in Russia on December 25, 1967. Tinkov is the creator of a network of breweries, Tinkoff eating places, frozen food factories, Technoshock domestic appliance shops, and frozen food plants in Daria.


The founder and primary spokesperson of the board of directors of Tinkoff Bank have been Tinkov. The financial institution turned into established in 2007, as of December 1, 2016. It become rated 45 amongst Russian banks in phrases of belongings and 33 in equity. For knowingly submitting fake tax returns and in search of to ward off more than $240 million in taxes whilst renunciation his US citizenship, Tinkov turned into indicted by means of a US grand jury in September 2019.

Full Name Oleg Yuryevich Tinkov
Age 54 years old
Date of birth December 25, 1967
Birthplace Polysayevo. Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Soviet Union
Citizenship Cyprus
Profession Entrepreneur
Spouse Rina Vosman
Children 3

He become detained in England in February 2020, but he fought extradition given that a current leukemia diagnosis made him too unwell to tour. He in the end entered a responsible plea and changed into given a sentence that covered serving time, paying over $508 million in taxes owed, fines, a crook penalty, and a year of supervised launch. Tinkov became recognized as having leukemia in 2019. He skilled put up-operative issues in 2021, and his odds of surviving have been only expected to be forty%.

Who Is Oleg Tinkov’s Wife, Rina Tinkova? Oleg Tinkov is married to his loving wife, Rina Tinkova. She is a chunk personal with regards to her individual existence. However, there is facts related to his husband.

He turned into born inside the village of Polysayevo, Leninsk-Kuznetsk district, Kemerovo Oblast, in the family of a miner and a seamstress. Since he became 12 years vintage, Tinkoff has been interested by street cycling. He joined biking clubs in his faculty and, later, his jobs. He took first vicinity in numerous events, earning him the designation of candidate for grasp of sports in 1984.

He commenced undertaking darkish market activity at the same time as in boot camps, shopping difficult-to-locate items in Central Asia and reselling them in Leninsk-Kuznetsky. Military obligation ended his biking career; he became despatched to the border infantrymen rather than the navy’s Sports Club and couldn’t join. He served in the Far East from 1986 and 1988, stationed in Nikolayevsk-on-Amur and Nakhodka.

Tinkov enrolled on the Mining Institute university in 1988 because it had a great international scholar population and provided interesting profession options. He bartered for caviar, vodka, cosmetics, and clothing. After selling things to customers, he transported Japanese domestic fixtures from the miners to Siberia. In addition to bringing electric gadgets to Poland and took returned workplace resources, gas cartridges, and firearms.

He traded together with his future spouse and 3 different students: Andrey Rogachev, Oleg Leonov, and Oleg Zherebtsov, who could form the retail chain DIXY and the hypermarket Lenta, respectively. Oleg attended the University of California, Berkeley, in 1999.

Oleg Tinkov’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have? Oleg Tinkov’s actual-time net well worth is $646.1 million. He has a respectable sum of money as he is a famous businessman and entrepreneur.

Oleg’s income has reduced by way of 42.60 percentage as of 2022. An American of Russian descent named Sergio Gutsalenko became appointed enterprise president. The network quickly expanded; via 1996, Technoshock had one shop in Novorossiysk, two in Omsk, and five in St. Petersburg. The turnover elevated from 1995 to 1996 and reached $40 million. Eldorado shops began operating in St. Petersburg by means of 1997, growing opposition and lowering profitability.

He sold the business to the control in 1997, and Simteks offered it the subsequent year. He had $7 million whilst he left Technoshock, which he put into the pelmeni enterprise. In addition to Technoshock, Tinkov launched the Music Shock community of tune shops in 1996.

The first Music Shock save’s grand opening featured performances via Philipp Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva, and Jeanne Aguzarova. In 1998, Moscow-based totally Gala Records purchased Music Shock.

He based the file label Shock Records with Ilya Bortnyuk. The file corporation launched the bands Leningrad, Kirpichi, and Vladimir Dashkevich Symphony, based totally on his score for the film Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and Knife for Frau Müller’s album Nechelovek-vidimka. A 320-page e book by way of Viktor Tsoi become released through Music Shock.

Oleg Tinkov’s Career As An Entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov’s career as an entrepreneur is top notch, as he may be very talented and tough-working.

He started out wholesale electronics buying and selling out of Singapore in 1992. He created the restrained legal responsibility company Petrosib in St. Petersburg, observed by way of the nearby corporations Petrosib-Kemerovo, Petrosib-Novosibirsk, and Petrosib-Omsk, amongst others, to streamline the report registration technique.

Products have been brought to St. Petersburg after arriving and sold at a top class. Calculators were his first buy, observed via office elements, televisions, VCRs, and even fake plant life and bushes. Oleg first of all used conventional air freight after flying himself to Singapore, but a half-container of TVs on debt from an Indian trader named Ashok Vasmani marked the turning point. Tinkov later used marine freight bins.

Due to decrease wholesale income, he opened his shop chain. On Maly Prospect on Vasilevsky Island in St. Petersburg, Petrosib built the first Sony-branded store in 1994, observed by one on Marata Street. Opening in San Francisco become Petrosib USA. Tinkov determined to unite the shops underneath one name after seeing retail achievement. When Technoshock first debuted in 1995, it had the best expenses within the city but turned into nonetheless well-appreciated. One of the first corporations in Russia to start training its sales consultants turned into Technoshock.

Russian Entrepreneur: Oleg Tinkov’s Daughter Russian Entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov has a lovely daughter named Daria Tinkov. He and his lovely partner Rina gave birth to their toddler.

Daria studied at King’s College London, sons Pasha and Roman at St Edward’s School, Oxford. While attending college, Tinkov met Rina, an Estonian. After living together for two decades, they got married in June 2009.

Under the branded product named Daria, given to the Tinkov own family’s daughter, Pelmeni and other frozen delicacies have been made. Tinkov had this notion within the sauna, way to a Greek named Athanasius, who bought ravioli-making components in Russia.

Early in 1998, manufacturing in Peterhof started, producing items below the Smak logo to begin with with permission from the Andrey Makarevich enterprise. Smak St. Petersburg became the trademark call following a dispute with the licensor.

The advent of its brand become encouraged with the aid of the monetary crisis, and the brand new emblem assisted in boosting marketplace percentage. Daria first received notoriety because of an advertising marketing campaign that featured 5 posters in St. Petersburg and a pair of in Moscow with the message Your favourite Pelmeni! And an photograph of a girl’s buttocks smeared in flour.

For $21 million, of which $7 million was used to settle debt, Daria turned into bought through Roman Abramovich and Andrew Bloch’s personal fairness firm Planeta Management in 2001.

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