Who is Noelle Robinson Husband? Lets Explore Her Relationship Status

The most notable VIP kid is Noelle Robinson, who is most popular for being Cynthia Bailey’s girl and the girl of entertainer Leon Robinson. She is notable for being an Instagram big name.

On November 10, 1999, in the US, Noelle was born. Her introduction to the world date shows that she is 21 years of age. She has a Scorpio sun sign.


Cynthia Bailey and Leon Robinson’s lone youngster is her (mom). Her folks separated, however, and Cynthia is presently marry to Mike Slope.

As far as schooling, Noelle went to Georgia Digital Institute. She likewise finished her last two years of secondary school at home. She enlisted at Howard College in Washington, D.C., to proceed with her schooling. Robinson is an American resident and has a place with the All-American race.

Noelle Robinson’s Relationship With Peter Thomas The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta star shared her six-year union with Peter Thomas on the well known unscripted TV drama preceding her October 2020 pre-marriage ceremony to Mike Slope.

Fans followed the couple’s intricate wedding function at a historical center in 2010, as well as their 2016 division and ensuing separation procedures, as detailed by Bravo.

Watchers saw the cozy relationship that Peter had the option to fashion with Noelle Robinson, Cynthia’s young girl, during their time spent together.

As a result of how true their relationship was, Cynthia uncovered the way that they kept on imparting even after they split up. She told ET in November 2017 that “he has an extraordinary relationship with Noelle, he’s still a lot of in her life, and they have their own relationship.” She likewise referenced her proceeded with affection for his posterity and grandkids.

“His youngsters and I stay close. You know, new grandkids who are in fact still my grandkids. Despite the fact that we aren’t together any longer, there is still love there since we were still attached when they were born.” For additional subtleties on the present status of Noelle and Peter’s relationship, keep perusing after the leap.

Noelle Robinson was examined in July 2019 concerning the condition of her relationship with Peter Thomas following their separation from Cynthia Bailey.

She confessed to staying in contact with him too, as per The Everyday Dish on Bravo. Concerning Cynthia’s relationship with Mike Slope, she proceeded, “In this way, it’s like I in a real sense have a father and two extra fathers now. “Truly, it’s truly incredible.

Without it, I don’t really accept that I would be the individual I am today. Also, it’s simply so magnificent in light of the fact that I feel like I have three fathers now, though many individuals just have one “She uncovered.

Noelle was getting ready for her mom’s approaching wedding to Mike Slope by July 2020. The truth star furnished a report on her relationship with her previous step-father, Peter Thomas, prior to inviting another step-father.

The RHOA girl shared with The Day to day Dish, “I converse with him now and again, prior to recognizing how our correspondence has changed throughout the long term. “We are at this point not quite so close as we used to be.

However, he tries to help me on the off chance that he sees me undertaking any undertaking, she said, adding, “Whether it’s through virtual entertainment or messaging, he generally ensures that he stays aware of what I’m doing and supports me as far as possible, which I truly appreciate.” Despite the fact that they aren’t so close as they used to be, this bond will persevere.