Who Is Nichelle Nichols Ex Husband Duke Mondy? Star Trek Actress’ Net Worth At Death

Eminent for playing Nyota Uhura in the blockbuster sci-fi series and motion pictures “Star Trek: The Original Series” and its side projects, Nichelle Nichols is a renowned name in the acting scene.

Nyota’s presentation was popular with the general population as well as progressive as African-American ladies had scarcely any potential open doors at that point; she sparkled like a star.


Without a doubt, Nichols has a long history, and on July 31, 2022, the veteran entertainer died at 89 because of regular causes. This article will talk about her ex, Duke Mondy, and her youngsters. Peruse further to find out.

Who Is Nichelle Nichols’ Ex-Husband, Duke Mondy? Subtleties On Nichelle’s Family Duke Mondy, the ex of Nichelle Nichols, was the second spouse of the Star Trek Actress. Nichelle was recently hitched to Foster Johnson, with whom she shared a child named Kyle Johnson.

No subtleties state how Nichelle met Duke, yet it appeared glaringly evident as they hit it off. Duke likewise showed up in the 1969 TV program “It Takes Two,” as per IMDb. Mondy was likewise answered to be a performer, however little is had some significant awareness of his result.

Duke had shared the front of the 1969 issue of Jet magazine with the Star Trek entertainer and his significant other, Nichelle Nichols. Regardless of being hitched for a considerable length of time, Duke and Nichelle never had youngsters. Her main child/guardian is Kyle.

There is positively no data about Duke Mondy after his separation from Nichelle in 1972. It is practically similar to he disappeared from the news. Aside from this, there has not been any disclosure about their relationship. Nichelle didn’t remarry after her separation from Mondy.

Star Trek Actress’ Net Worth At Death The total assets of Nichelle Nichols, the famous Star Trek entertainer, is accounted for to be 8 million USD. Nichelle was born Grace Dell Nichols on December 28, 1932. She was the third offspring of her folks.

Nichols was born in Robbins, an Illinois suburb of Chicago, to Samuel Earl Nichols, an assembly line laborer chose town city chairman and boss justice of Robbins in 1929, and his significant other, Lishia Mae (Park) Nichols, a homemaker. Afterward, her family migrated to a condo in Chicago’s Woodlawn region.

She went to Englewood High School and accepted her secondary school confirmation in 1951. Furthermore, she went to class in Los Angeles and New York City. The entertainer was most popular for her job as Lt. Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series. She is viewed as one of the most notorious characters in science fiction history.

Nichols was perhaps the earliest Black lady to show up on a well known TV show. From 1997 to 2015, she gave her time upholding for NASA’s drives and enrolling a different gathering of space travelers, including ladies and minorities.

Nichelle was determined to have dementia in 2018. Not long after, the entertainer quit going to formal occasions. It was additionally uncovered that her child Kyle had battled against her going to shows. She was routinely looking for clinical consideration for her condition.

As she died today at 89, the aficionados of the well known science fiction film offered their thanks for her splendid depiction. Her child, Kyle, declared her downfall on Facebook and expressed that she died because of regular causes.