Who Is Matt Bolton From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Matt Bolton is one of the 10 lucky people who met their soul mate on Love is Blind. After being cheated on via his 10-12 months dating, the 28-year-vintage personal constitution sales executive seemed at the application to “tear down his barriers.” He graduated from Texas State Technical College and proposed to twenty-five-year-antique Colleen Reed in the pods.

Colleen changed into first attracted to Brennon, however he preferred Alexa and planned to advise to her. Colleen sought to find love once more, this time with Cole, but he believed Colleen became no longer ready for a “deep” marriage and ended matters together with her.


She ultimately selected to speak to Matt and looked geared up for him to go similarly. She stepped into the room anxiously and practically in tears, asking him to take the following step. He proposed to Colleen, who time-honored. Fans of Love is Blind idea Colleen become without a doubt seeking to marry all people and didn’t care a good deal for her boyfriend Matt. They didn’t assume the pair might cross down the aisle.

Matt Bolton, a Love Is Blind competitor, is a Dallas Cowboys fanatic.Matt is initially from Fort Worth, Texas, and graduated from Texas State Technical College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He labored as a store manager at Universal Machining Industries for two years until leaving in 2017. Matt fast rose to the position of vice chairman of LFC Industries, where he stayed for 5 years. He is currently hired at Leviate Air Group as a Charter Sales Executive.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has extensive revel in within the aviation and aerospace industries, in addition to information in CNC operations and Aerospace Manufacturing. He supports the Dallas Cowboys.

Matt married a woman whilst he was 18, soon after graduating from high college. The pair dated for 4 years before deciding on to marry, however they divorced when Matt changed into 24. During his time inside the Love Is Blind pods, he admitted that his wife had cheated on him and confessed to being pregnant with every other man’s kid.

Fans of Love is Blind are moved. Colleen is afraid of being rejected.Collen said that she became afraid of getting disillusioned if a person shot her down once more after being rejected by means of Cole and Brennon.

She said that she might give Matt some other try considering they’d a exquisite “first couple of discussions.” Matt attempted to position a great gloss on Colleen’s role and persuade her to be vulnerable. Colleen said that she couldn’t prevent thinking about Matt and expressed her emotions for him. She changed into anxious whilst she instructed Matt she became prepared to take the subsequent step.

Colleen turned into relieved when Matt proposed, however Love is Blind fans suppose the pair may be together for a long term. Colleen, they stated, became worrying for a ring due to the fact she wanted to be at the software, not because she felt a connection to Matt. Love is Blind’s next three episodes might be to be had on Netflix on October 26 at three a.M. ET. Colleen will bond with Cole in place of her fiancé Matt, and things becomes nasty while he admits that he cannot marry Colleen, as revealed in a teaser.

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