Who is Luigi De Guzman? Age, profession, jeopardy

Luigi De Guzman is an American lawyer from Arlington, Virginia. He challenged on and won the as of late finished time of the game show, Risk. He is an alum of The Catholic College, Columbus School of Regulation and the College of Cambridge.

How old is Guzman? Luigi De Guzman’s accurate age and date of birth is as of now not known to the general population.


Ad His calling Guzman is a lawyer by calling, as per records, he functioned as an administrative lawyer in the workplace of Buckley Sandler LLP in Washington DC. He procured his Juris Specialist degree from The Catholic College.

Before that, he acquired his Four year certification in liberal arts degree from the College of Cambridge in 2001 and his Lords in the College of London later in 2003.

While in Graduate school, Luigi stood firm on dynamic leader footings like the partner proofreader of the Catholic College Regulation audit. He additionally sought after a temporary position in the U.S Place of Agents.

His Peril process uzman’s chief appearance on the show was on 29th July, 2022. He challenged against Katrina Corridor and Darin Ciccotelli and came out successful after the last round with $23,401 as his absolute win.

As the show’s practice requests, Luigi De Guzman will be returning for the new time of Danger that just started to proceed with the scholarly fight.