Who Is Luciana Valdez Tirado From Gymnastic Academy? Her Age, Family, Parents and Career

Australian entertainer and tumbler Luciana Valdez Tirado made her presentation as Maya in “Vaulting Foundation: Another opportunity!” Luciana rose to reputation.

Startlingly, in spite of not having an expert mentor, this top gymnastic specialist in the US made the public finals. She was harmed at the public meet, however, and offers to join various foundations plugged up.


In any case, a long term intellectual and athletic grant could be granted to her following a three-month tryout at Adelaide, Australia’s Correga Foundation, show to previous title holder Maddy Cornell (Emily Morris).

Who Is Luciana Valdez Tirado From Gymnastic Institute? Luciana Valdez Tirado, who was born in 2006, is an Australian resident of Canberra. Luciana Valdez Tirado is 16 years of age starting around 2022.

A second Opportunity (2011) and Another opportunity: Opponents, two Australian family films, are the ancestors to Tumbling Institute: Another opportunity (2019). Both included Maddy Cornell, played by Morris; in the first, she was generally Kyra’s age in this series.

The numerous Australian kids’ projects that Netflix has delivered over the course of the last little while definitely stand out on the grounds that they are elegantly composed stories that the two youngsters and grown-ups can appreciate.

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Luciana Valdez Tirado Plays Maya On The Show Tumbling Foundation Most of the young ladies are satisfied to meet Kyra, despite the fact that there are just six grants accessible and only one is for an abroad understudy.

Excluded from that gathering are Scarlett (Zoe Rae Consumes) and Maya (Luciana Valdez Tirado), who even post a selfie on Kyra’s web-based entertainment page broadcasting themselves the victors of the foundation.

Kyra knows that the opposition would be testing, particularly given the way that she has been not able to perform front fulls without falling since experiencing a knee injury.

In any case, Maddy reinforces her certainty by showing a video of a physical issue she supported before to bringing home the big showdown and encourages her to work with Jaimi (Trung Le), the strength mentor who has practical experience in helping individuals with injury restoration. She works with him for a long time, and she helps her certainty.

5 Realities About Luciana Valdez Tirado Luciana Valdez Tirado was born in Canberra, Australia. She become keen on going about as a vocation at an early age.
made her TV debut in 2022. Luciana acquired far reaching conspicuousness for her appearance as Maya in ‘Vaulting Foundation: Another opportunity!’. She is dynamic on Instagram under the username @lutumbles21. The Best of Luciana Valdez Tirado’s TV program is Acrobatic Institute.