Who Is Lisa Raitt’s Husband, Bruce Wood? Here’s A Look At Their Relationship

Canadian lawmaker Lisa Sarah MacCormack Raitt, otherwise called Lisa Raitt, was a government Cabinet priest and individual from Parliament.

Raitt is an individual from the Conservative Party and started her political vocation by being chosen for the House of Commons in the 2008 political decision, where she addressed Halton.


Soon after her political decision, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper named her pastor of normal assets.

She held that job until 2010, when she turned into the pastor of work. In 2013, Raitt turned into the pastor of transport, and she stayed in the situation until the Liberal Party crushed the Conservatives in the 2015 political decision.

In 2015, Raitt was reappointed in the recently framed appointive area or riding of Milton. After two years, she challenged the Conservative authority in 2017 however lost to Andrew Scheer.

In any case, Andrew Scheer made her Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party, the two jobs she would hold until her loss in the 2019 political race.

Raitt has since left governmental issues and has been the bad habit seat of Global Investment Banking at the CIBC or Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

By and large, these are the political places that Lisa Raitt held:

Individual from Parliament for Halton from October 14, 2008, to October 19, 2015
Individual from Parliament for Milton from October 10, 2015, to September 11, 2015
Clergyman of Natural Resources from October 30, 2008, to January 19, 2010
Clergyman of Labor from January 19, 2010, to July 15, 2013
Clergyman of Transport from July 15, 2013, to November 4, 2015
Shadow Minister of Finance from November 13, 2015, to October 15, 2016
Agent Leader of the Conservative Party from July 20, 2017, to November 28, 2019
Agent Leader of the Opposition from July 24, 2017, to September 11, 2019

Who Is Lisa Raitt’s Husband? Previous government official Lisa Raitt is hitched to her better half Bruce Wood, whom she marry in 2016.

In no time before their marriage, in May 2016, Wood was determined to have youthful beginning Alzheimer’s sickness.

He was the previous Hamilton Port Authority CEO. He is among the five to six percent of patients who foster side effects of Alzheimer’s under age 65.

Four months after his determination, Raitt, and Wood wedded. They had been dating for a couple of years.

For every, it was their subsequent marriage. The two endured quietly until Raitt uncovered her better half’s condition in 2020.

As per the previous lawmaker, when she learned about Wood’s analysis, she cried in bed for four days and afterward put her energy into their future.

Raitt has been really focusing on her significant other since his analysis. She has had camcorders introduced to screen him during the day.

As his condition declined, she eliminated every one of the mirrors and sharp articles from the house.

Does Lisa Raitt Have Any Children? Previous legislator Lisa Raitt has two youngsters from her most memorable union with David Raitt.

Raitt was hitched to David Raitt from some time during the 1990s until they separated in 2009. Their two youngsters are the two children, and they are named John Raitt and Billy Raitt.

David Raitt is a Second City graduate, writer, and remain at-home father. Their two children were born in 2001 and 2004, separately.

Little is referred to about the Raitt youngsters as they don’t have a big internet based presence. This absence of online presence unquestionably has to do with the way that their mom used to be perhaps of the most conspicuous figure in Canadian governmental issues.

After she separated from David Raitt and wedded Bruce Wood, she had three stage youngsters as Wood had three kids with his most memorable spouse.

The amount Is Lisa Raitt’s Net Worth? Previous lawmaker Lisa Raitt has an expected total assets of $5 million starting around 2022.

Coming from a coal mining family, Raitt saw her granddad, Colin A. MacCormack, move gradually up from a neighborhood coal mineshaft to a city representative and ultimately a secretary-financier and a lead mediator for the Cape Breton Railway Transportation and General Workers.

Raitt’s life and work has followed the outline of the direction that her granddad left for her. She has committed a lot of her life to legislative issues and, in that capacity, has amassed a remarkable political resume.

Nonetheless, even before legislative issues, Raitt had an effective vocation. This profession was as the Toronto Port Authority’s corporate secretary and general direction.

Raitt left a mark on the world by turning into the main female harbormaster in April 2001. After a year, she was selected as president and CEO of the Toronto Port Authority.

Raitt’s political vocation was long and effective, and doubtlessly a main part of her total assets was amassed because of the strength of her political profession.

Since her political vocation has finished and she turned into the bad habit hair of a huge bank, Raitt clearly isn’t deficient with regards to cash and the cash she wants as she is as yet caring for her better half.