Who Is Kendra On The Real Love Boat? Her Age, Job and Instagram

Kendra Yurczyszyn is a cast individual from the truth dating show The Genuine Love Boat Season 1.

Kendra is a promoting specialist who took part in the CBS heartfelt show, The Genuine Love Boat. The competitor joined the series to track down their genuine romance.


The contender visited wonderful destinations like Barcelona, Marseille, Rome, Santorini, Athens, and that’s just the beginning. The singles went to date and partook in the difficulties to test their science and similarity.

Age 26
Occupation Advertising Consultant
Born 1996
Known for The Real Love Boat

The female single cast part incorporate Shea-Lynn Noys, 28, from Toronto, Alosa Shah, 24, from San Diego, Emily Stone, 24, from Colgate, Brooke, 34, from Los Points, Nicole Wong, 26, from Vancouver.

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Who Is Kendra Yurczyszyn On The Genuine Love Boat? Kendra Yurczyszyn on The Adoration Boat is a publicizing specialist.

The series had in view of the motivation from the 70s series, which occurred on Princess Travels ships. The truth contest series debuted on October 5, 2022, in the US on CBS.

In episode one, five single ladies and five men showed up to find their adoration and the on board the Lofty Princess Voyage Boat. The team part had invited by Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell. They advanced around Barcelona.

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Furthermore, extra men joined the boat and intruded on their mixed drink party. The ladies select one individual in the end Sail Away Function who caught their heart from the get go.

In the subsequent episode, the couple shows up in Gibraltar and experiences their most memorable test. The pair races up the mountain and offers their heartfelt individual questions.

In the third episode, fresh debut caused disturbances in the South of France. The singles arrived at an extravagance cleanser creator’s lavender field. Two or three foams each other to reveal the secret brilliant coin with bar cleanser. Beforehand, Brett DeLaura passed on the show because of sickness. He is a vocalist from California who showed up in 12 singles on the show.

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Realities To Be aware of Kendra Yurczyszyn Kendya Yurczyszyn is 26 years of age. She was born in 1996. Likewise, she is a publicizing advisor by her calling. Kendra holds Canadian identity. Likewise, the truth star as of now lives in the cosmopolitan Alberta city of Calgary.

Yurczyszyn is dynamic on Instagram under username @kendrayurcz and assembled 2479 adherents. The expert is a cordial character. She has made a trip to Nation Thunder Alberta, Beltline, Lake Louise, Quarry Lake, Canmore, from there, the sky is the limit. Kendra is looking from affection in the boat as they make their excursion through Europe.

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