Who Is Eric Dodds? Johntae Collier Boyfriend Also Arrested As They Apparently Share A Same Cell

The Georgia murder suspect was caught in Huntsville on Wednesday night, as per the US Marshals Service. Obviously, his sweetheart Eric is likewise held in for a similar case.

Around 9:15 on Wednesday night, Johntae Kavon Collier was captured on a charge of dodging equity and shipped off the Madison County Jail. Collier is needed in Rossville, Georgia, for murder and exasperated attack with a gun.


Who Is Eric Dodds? Johntae Collier Boyfriend Also Arrested Eric Dodds has been named the second suspect in the Georgia manslaughter case that captured Johntae Collier seven days prior. They have been known as the gay couple needed for supposed murder. The two of them are currently in a similar jail, Madison County Jail.

Nonetheless, the account was different following Collier’s capture. At first, individuals thought he was held over for killing his own beau. After some time, Eric began a GoFundMe page to help him. He was fundamentally attempting to demonstrate to his watchers that the virtual entertainment character was blameless and was confined for an off-base case.

This was really spread on TikTok, and fans partook in clearing Collier’s picture too. Presently, the case has taken a 360-degree turn, and we see Eric likewise as one of the significant guilty parties in the manslaughter.

As it is a creating story, the subtleties are yet to surface on the web, however obviously, the neighborhood specialists have previously gotten him, and the examinations are going on a full scale. Then again, TikTok and other virtual entertainment stages understand the person in question and his loved ones. While the two suspects have not been sentenced, not much can be said about them.

Eric Dodds And Johntae Collier Charges Explained Johntae Collier has been accused of a manslaughter case alongside bothered attack with a firearm. His accomplice, Eric’s capture news, has recently hit round the corner, and it is as yet hazy in the vent that he was completely engaged with the specific case or was just an associate to it.

One thing that is certain is the two are at present sharing a phone in madison County prison and are hanging tight for the judicial procedures. Until the present time fans were understanding them as Eric had acquired everyone’s trust with a profound GoFundMe page. Nonetheless, presently the image appears to have totally convoluted.

Right now, both Johntae and Eric’s web-based entertainment accounts can’t be followed. It seems like after the whole episode; they have decided to escape the Internet world for now.

As referenced over, this case is creating, and the specialists have requested the greatest amount of protection in dealing with the case. When everything turns out to be clear, the media will positively be educated.