Who Is Daemien Obeso? The New Boyfriend Of Daddy Long Neck’s Baby Mama

Daemien Obeso is blamed for beating the nine-month-old child of rapper Daddy Long Neck.

This is among the most pessimistic scenario that you have at any point seen. The little youngster is in the emergency clinic due to the fierce beating brought about by his mom’s new accomplice. How might a mother jeopardize her own child’s life since her new sweetheart is oppressive?


Daddy Long Neck stood out as truly newsworthy in 2019, showing his greatness through his unmistakable rapping and hip-bounce styles. After the episode, Daddy’s significant other informed him their child had been hospitalized.

We should go through this article to learn everything about this case.

Who Is Daemien Obeso and What Did He Do To Daddy Long Neck’s Son? Daemien Obeso is the admirer of Daddy Long Neck’s ex, who is faulted for mishandling a nine-month-old kid.

Obeso is a horrible individual who causes skull breaks to a baby. The genuinely crazy story has occurred, and the rapper Daddy right now has a frightening family show.

More subtleties on Daemien are yet to be delivered; he is at present known as the new accomplice of rapper Daddy’s ex.

As per DLN, Neck flew from Michigan to L.A. at the point when his ex-companion educated him concerning their child’s condition. He likewise uncovered a social laborer informed him that Daemien had been captured for supposedly manhandling the kid.

Since this is a new case, more data is yet to be shared by the specialists. We will concoct extra subtleties on this case before very long.

Who Is Daddy Long Neck Baby Mama Thicky Vicky? Thicky Vicky is the mother of a child who has been hospitalized after a ruthless beating.

Daddy Long Neck and Thicky started their undertaking in April 2019. The pair shared areas of strength for an and stayed a blissful couple from the outset of their undertaking. The rapper is popular for his special highlights, the consequence of Marfan Syndrome. His long, thin appearance made him viral on the media. Likewise, he has delivered a few tunes on SoundCloud, incorporating a coordinated effort with Wide Neck.

He was taken care of through a cylinder embedded straight into his tummy for a long time. His distinction rose to conspicuousness subsequent to collaborating with different performers; his novel elements supported his prosperity.

On 28 March 2021, Daddy uncovered that he would be a youngster’s dad with his accomplice, Thicky, and said he was eager to invite his child.

Neck shared a few photographs of her and child on his Instagram handle, which goes by @longneckk. The pair looked lovable together and appeared to partake in one another’s buddy.

Is Daemien Obeso Arrested? Mugshot and Details According to the assertion acquired from TMZ, Daemien Obeso and Daddy’s ex has been secured

The nine-month-old youngster, David Alfredo Samuelson Lopez, was taken to the clinic in Los Angeles in the wake of beating by Obeso. The specialists found skull cracks and mind draining in the baby.

The rapper was broken by seeing his child’s condition. The child is recuperating gradually, and Daddy imparted a post on Instagram to a subtitle, “My child can open his eyes a lil more,”
The horrible individual, Daemien, is accused of kid misuse causing extraordinary real injury, as indicated by the Montebello Police Department.

The officials of the Montebello Police Department moved to a nearby medical clinic on Aug. 26 to examine the youngster’s clinical reports. They tracked down serious wounds on the baby and promptly took action to capture Obeso.