Who Is Craig Rygaard From Ax Men? Facts To Know About The Reality Show Cast’s Health

Craig Rygaard, generally known for his job in the History Channel unscripted TV drama Ax Men, is an expert lumberjack and unscripted television star from the USA. He is the father of Gabe Rygaard, who died in a car crash.

The principal episode of the American unscripted tv program Ax Men circulated on History on March 9, 2008. The show stresses the dangers looked by the lumberjacks.


In the second-development woods of Northwestern Oregon, Washington, and Montana as well as the streams of Louisiana and Florida, the series tracks the exercises of various logging groups.

Hatchet Men Cast Craig Rygaard Accident And Injury Update Craig Rygaard had various wounds and wounds. His latest physical issue is genuinely huge after various lethal occurrences and mishaps.

Craig was once lifted by his team of lumberjacks in an Ax Men episode named Fall of Legend. He was working inside a column of standing trees when he fell while endeavoring to patch a carriage line truck.

The master lumberjack must be hospitalized since the harm was so extreme. As his men hauled him away and he had all the earmarks of being in extraordinary agony, watchers of the recording could see him sobbing in torment.

A many individuals figured he wouldn’t endure the episode. Notwithstanding, given the conditions, the American TV legend was proclaimed solid and fine and set free from the medical clinic, according to the reports referenced in his profile.

Subsequent to getting treatment, Rygaard immediately continued his logging tasks and exercises. He might be an older hunk, yet he’s a truly intense and gifted lumberjack.

How Is Craig Rygaard Now? Craig Rygaard is presently healthy and getting along nicely. He is as of now seen helping his children in dealing with their Rygaard Logging organization.

The 68-year-old as of late gotten a medical clinic release. He is presently getting a charge out of existence with his significant other and two children, Jason Rygaard and Burt Rygaard, who are notable since they are likewise Ax Men co-stars.

The brotherhood of the Ax men had lost a portion of its individuals to the heartless hand of death over the seasons, as per the readabiography.

Among the cast individuals that died is Gabe Rygaard, Jimmy Smith, who died from malignant growth in 2012, and William Colantuono, who died from disease in a helicopter mishap the next year.

Craig Rygaard And Rygaard Logging Net Worth 2022 Craig Rygaard has a total assets of $3 million bucks. The worth of his organization Rygaard Logging surpasses $10 million starting around 2022.

Craig is living in Port Angeles, Washington. He was the head of Rygaard Logging until 2013, an eight-man group that incorporated his child, Gabe Rygaard.

Logging has showed up on the History Channel reality series “Hatchet Men” from the show’s subsequent season. Up to this point, seven seasons have been communicated, Celebrity Net Worth reports.

It is obscure whether the notable lumberjack would support the privately-run company and keep on creating a benefit in the wake of giving over administration of Rygaard Logging to his child.