Who Is Benjamin Greene? Arrested For Houston Road Rage Shooting

Benjamin Greene has been seen as one of the suspects in the uncontrollable anger shooting that occurred in Texas.

A video that caught the irrational anger shooting in the midst of light has been viral. In the video, obviously the two individuals were the offender among them. The lady was seen taking shots at the vehicle two times.


Harris County has proactively captured the two suspects found in the video, and further systems in the court will decide their discipline.

Who Is Benjamin Greene? Benjamin Greene is one of the suspects engaged with the uncontrollable anger shooting on Tuesday on I-45 and Parramatta, close to FM 1960.

Before the shooting, it appeared to be that Benjamin and Nazly Ortiz had some debate with the person in question. At the point when things warmed, the casualty drove away, yet Nazly was seen shooting the vehicle when he disappeared.

It was uncovered that the vehicle the offender shot had a 2-year-old kid inside. Benjamin and his accomplice Nazly were found in the video, and their works were plainly expressed.

Further examinations are going on the shooting, yet no fatalities have been recorded, yet the casualty revealed minor scraped spot and wounds.

Benjamin Greene Arrested For Houston Road Rage Shooting Benjamin Greene and his accomplice Nazly Ortiz have been captured with respect to the Houston Road Rage Shooting.

Benjamin is a battle veteran who has served in the Navy. Essentially, he is additionally the dad of his 10-year-old child. Nazly is from Columbia and maintains her cleaning business with Benjamin.

Benjamin and Nazly appear to be in relations with one another yet whether they are hitched or drawn in stays muddled.

Benjamin Greene Jail Sentence And Mugshot Benjamin Greene and Nazly Ortiz have been in court in regards to the new occurrence they have been associated with.

Nazly let the court know that the uncontrollable anger shooting happened during busy time and had shot the casualty as they would have been hit by the casualty’s vehicle, thus, as a security, she had taken shots at his vehicle.

In the shooting, nobody was harmed or killed. The two of them were available in the court for the case on Wednesday.

Benjamin, who is 35 years of age, has been accused of attack, while Nazly Ortiz, who is 40 years has been accused of Aggravated Assault. Despite the fact that they have showed up in court, no bond has been set.

Additionally, the adjudicator presently can’t seem to choose to give the prison sentence or bond. The jail will deliver their mugshot photographs in the event that they get a prison sentence.

Their discipline for their wrongdoings will be settled on their next appearance in court.