Who Is Ashley Lockhart? Mother Of 6 Killed By Boyfriend In West Philadelphia

A mother of six named Ashley Lockhart was wounded to death by her sweetheart in West Philadelphia. She purportedly had a PFA against the man during the episode.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, police revealed an episode in 54th and Chestnut St., Philadelphia. A lady was over and over wounded to death without trying to hide by an individual inside a vehicle. A blade was found at the crime location.


The peculiar idea of the homicide has left local people in Chestnut Street in shock. Allegedly, the deadly weapon, the blade, was as yet implanted in the casualty’s face when the police showed up.

GoFundMe: Who Is Ashley Lockhart? Mother Of 6 Killed By Boyfriend Ashley Lockhart was a mother of 6 who was cut by her sweetheart out so everyone can see. She was supposedly found dead inside a gold Honda Odessey with different cut injuries in West Philadelphia.

A GoFundMe was started for the expense and needs of the young ladies. The pledge drive was made by Lakeshia Lockhart, a relative of the departed. As of composing, it has proactively raised around $4,000.

“On Saturday, August 6, 2022, Ashley Lockhart was taken so terrible and unexpected from her 6 wonderful little girls and family and friends and family,” the subtleties read, “Ashley was an astounding Mother, committed working Mother, and gave Mother. She adored every last bit of her youngsters, gave her significant investment, and made penances for them that they will never forget.”

The pledge drive, named 6 Charms, as Ashley used to call her young ladies, was made for the government assistance of the young ladies and has gotten overpouring support from individuals.

Ashley Lockhart Stabbed To Death Ashley Lockhart was fiercely wounded to death soon after 8 a.m. Saturday in 54th and Chestnut St., Philadelphia. The casualty experienced numerous cut injuries, including one to the face.

After they were educated regarding the episode, police found her body around 8:25 a.m. around the same time. In her mid 30s, the lady was tracked down dead inside a gold Honda Odyssey on the 5300 block of Chestnut Street.

State Rep. So be it Brown informed that Ashley had an ongoing Protection From Abuse (PFA) against her sweetheart. A 34-year-elderly person, accepted to be the individual of interest, is supposedly in police care.

A CCTV film from a nearby shop showed a man entering the gold vehicle and cutting the lady more than once. As per sources, the wrongdoing was abnormal to the point that the blade was as yet implanted in the lady’s face when the police showed up.

Ashley Lockhart Children Ashey Lockhart was a mother of six delightful girls. She was an astonishing and committed mother whose life was unfortunately taken by a savage individual on Saturday.

The young ladies named Azur’ee, Aivah, Rhlei, Ray’ah, A’layah, and A’lanah-Reign are apparently 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, and 90 days old. Ashley used to refer to her children as “6 Charms” and would do all that she could for their prosperity.

In her mid 30s, Lockhart adored her little girls and made penances for them. Her family is stunned and skepticism that Ashley would meet such a horrible end.

It was educated that the young ladies were holiday and would get back to school in a couple of brief weeks. The young ladies will not get their mom back, yet they will get equity.