Who Is Aida Osman Brother Samson Goitom? Rap Sh!t HBo Cast

HBO Hit show Rap Sh!t star, Aida Osman stood out as truly newsworthy when told about his brother’s destruction in the year 2017.

Aida Osman is a trendy entertainer who has assumed control over the business with her fine acting and right comic time. The entertainer has been a piece of HBO Hit American parody show, which focuses on two Miami-based rappers who attempt to make progress in the music business.


Aida Osman has been famous among the audience because of her job in the show and individuals are becoming inquisitive substantially more inquisitive step by step to be aware of her or her relative. As per the news, Aida Osman had only one kin to go with her yet he died as well, tragically.

Aida Osman’s brother Samson Goitom, was her solitary kin who sadly died in the year 2017 when he was only the age of 21. Aida and her brother, Samson shared an extraordinary bond as they were only 11 months separated.

Who Is Aida Osman Brother Samson Goitom? Samsom Goitom is the main kin and brother of entertainer, Aida Osman, who is 11 months separated from her.

Aida never got to carry on with her existence with her organic dad however needed to live as the girl of her step-father Yacoub Idris and her mom Semira Osman alongside her main kin, her brother, Samson Goitom.

Samsom being the brother of the entertainer was near her and they shared an astonishing bond before his troublesome passing. Sadly in March 2017, Aida’s brother Samsom passed at only the age of 21 years.

In a meeting, the HBO Max Rap the Sh!t entertainer, had admitted to being born 11 months separated from her brother, while still her mom, Semira would turn the story to let them know that they were embraced. The kin had their mom up and down their excursion and the shortfall of a mentor was satisfied by step-father Yacoub with whom they are fortified well as well.

As indicated by gossipnextdoor, Aida discussed her brother being medically introverted, non-verbal, circular, and experiencing leg cramps which required the leg supports to assist him with strolling a piece appropriately. Going through this multitude of colossal intricacies, Aida’s brother Samsom died.

Samsom died and let everybody be early in life of 21. The passing of her brother early on was exceptionally difficult to accept for her. Aida was accounted for to go through a ton during the hour of her brother’s passing, as the pill was truly difficult to accept.

Following two or three days, Aida involved her power as an entertainer and came up to mindful individuals of what her brother’s story was. She tended to that she was more than appreciative for the existence she got and her heart ounces for her brother as she needed to deal with him since she was only 8.

As Aida needed to deal with her brother since early on, she never fostered any childishness and in every case energetically treated her brother. She recounted how she was there for him the entire a great time as need might have arisen to go to her work.

Regardless of the state of her brother, Aida cherished him profoundly nevertheless accepts that he is watching her and directing her in each way of her life as a divine messenger.

As Samson died in the year 2017, notwithstanding, the reason for death was subsequently uncovered in 2020. Through her Twitter account, Aida admitted that her brother died because of the lifeguard’s heedlessness and unfortunate pool plan.

Aida Osman’s Boyfriend 2022 And Net Worth Aida Osman is carrying on with a day to day existence as an entertainer which has made fans question her having a sweetheart and furthermore the total assets she has gathered.

Aida is an African-American magnificence born in 1997 making her 24 years of age as of now. The well known entertainer has her life open before her audience. Aida is a magnificent entertainer with incredible abilities and voice pitching which is the reason she is cherished by the audience a great deal.

No tales about Aida are being seeing someone however shockingly, Aida acknowledged to be recognized as a Queer and transparently communicates her sentiments before others.

Aida is known for her being a fine entertainer and a comic which has opened a way for her to procure a powerful amount of total assets. As indicated by sources, Aida has an all out total assets of around $350,000-$500,000.