Who Are Tina Lee And Eric Lee? Facts To Know About AGT Star Kodi Lee Parents

Kodi Lee is the champ of season 14 of AGT. He is a Korean-American piano player and vocalist lyricist who was born with a disease that made him become visually impaired at 5 years old. Kodi likewise experiences Autism and Addison’s sickness, yet the manner in which he plays music, he appears to have no disease.

America’s Got Talent has had a few exceptional and gifted contenders consistently, however AGT fans were moved subsequent to seeing the exhibition of Kodi Lee.


Kodi has been experiencing numerous sicknesses since a youthful age, however it has not had the option to prevent him from accomplishing his fantasy. He generally sparkles at each open door given to him.

Kodi’s astonishing assurance and solid soul to defeat all obstacles have been highlighted in the Orange County Register, the Los Angeles Times, and different TV broadcasts and narratives. He additionally involves his ability to bring issues to light for mental imbalance and numerous other worthwhile motivations.

Who Are Tina Lee And Eric Lee? AGT Star Kodi Lee Parents Tina Lee and Eric Lee are the pleased guardians of AGT star Kodi Lee.

Kodi credits his achievement to the unqualified help of his relatives which incorporates more youthful sister Kayla, more youthful brother Derek, and guardians Tina and Eric Lee.

Additionally, Kodi likewise always remembers to communicate his thankfulness to them on his virtual entertainment, he frequently sees himself as favored to have been born to steady guardians.

His mom credits thanks music for assisting him with mental imbalance on the grounds that before he was performing, he used to fit of rage the entire day however since he started to play out his mental imbalance returned to normal and he likewise tracked down his direction.

The Lee family doesn’t maintain that individuals should feel terrible for Kodi in light of the fact that he has gradually begun to mingle more after a ton of treatment, Kodi likewise has figured out how to manage his feelings.

What Is The Family Origin Of Kodi Lee? Kodi Lee’s mom, Tina Lee, is American and his dad, Eric, has Korean nationality.

The AGT champ likewise has a youtube channel, Kayla and Derk are the co-stars on his youtube channel. They oversee all that and make it simple for their brother.

Kodi Lee showed up in front of an audience with his mom at the AGT season 14 tryout. His brother, sister, and father were all behind the stage. In front of an audience, there were a few moving minutes. His mom murmured an uplifting words to him before he put his hands on the piano.

Lee is exceptionally fortunate to have been upheld by all individuals from his loved ones. They all affection him genuinely. The affection from his family has roused him to continue to push forward.

Where Could AGT Winner Kodi Lee Now be? AGT victor Kodi Lee is presently living in California. After AGT, Kodi acquired an enormous measure of distinction and was likewise seen with numerous famous superstars.

He keeps on acting in Elsinore, California, at grape plantations, nearby eateries, and other melodic occasions, and his melodic style is a concoction of pop, rock, R&B, and jazz.

In the wake of winning AGT in September, he marked an agreement with Simon’s Syco record name and Columbia, and he has previously started dealing with new music.

Lee hasn’t quit singing since the AGT finale. As per his Instagram, Kodi plans to proceed as a visitor vocalist on AGT.

Kodi Lee AGT 2022-Who Sang With Him? During the AGT Qualifiers 3 Results episode in August 2022, Kodi sang a two part harmony of “Don’t Stop Believin’” with Teddy Swims and guitarist Neal Schon, the maker of the band Journey.

The two part harmony was cherished by the audience; they appeared to have an extraordinary mix, and they shook the stage. Additionally as of late, Grammy and Academy Award victor H.E.R. joined to sing her new melody “Hang On,” however this time she was helped.

Kodi, the astonishing entertainer, and musician, performed with the American star, and the blend left individuals energized.