Where Is Waleeporn Gunan Now? Saman Gunan Wife – Has She Remarried After Husband Death?

Saman Gunan died while serving in a mission, abandoning his significant other, Waleeporn Gunan, and youngsters. Has Walerrporn marry again? We should research.

The late Saman Gunan’s better half is Waleeporn Gunan. While endeavoring to save 13 outsiders from an overflowed Chiang Rai cave complex, Saman died.


At the point when the worker jumper got back from providing air tanks along the salvage way, his breathing mechanical assembly was in his mouth. Water temperature was under nothing. Almost zero ability to see was available.

Saman pursued out of oxygen neglecting to track down his hardware in the cold, premonition obscurity. Since he has been away for nearly 12 months, life has become hard for his enduring spouse.

Where Could Waleeporn Gunan Now be? After the death of her better half, Waleeporn Gunan has kept living and working. She places in 9 to 15 hours per day at Thailand’s air terminals.

She comprehends that he won’t ever returned, yet the agony is too extreme to even consider bearing. Waleeporn looks for encouragement to comfort her miserable heart.

As a result of Saman’s passing, she is going to sincerely lose it. Yet, frequently, when she sees his Instagram pictures, old Facebook messages, or most loved food varieties, she has a snapshot of happiness before the information hauls her back into hopelessness.

She battles consistently to advance forward while zeroing in on her requesting work, a graduate degree course, and a language class. Thus, additional time is committed to concentrating on English at night.

She makes end of the week excursions to the University of Rangsit to sign up for a business venture and development program. At the point when Waleeporn returns home, she is exhausted.

Waleeporn Gunan Is Saman Gunan Wife Before the lamentable occasion, Waleeporn Gunan partook in a blissful life as Saman Gunan’s better half. The family included kids too.

Waleeporn initially met her mate when she was a little kid in Nakhon Phanom, where her family is found. The 23-year-old military mariner showed up to participate in a marathon prior to running into him in a close by park.

Love developed when he mentioned her telephone number. The couple got hitched after Saman gotten a bid for employment from Airports of Thailand in Bangkok.

They continued to carry on with a quiet existence till June 23, 2018. Then, at that point, alongside their 25-year-old teacher, twelve Wild Boar Academy football players, going in age from 11 to 16, set out on an awful excursion.

He guaranteed his better half that he would convey something to the Tham Luang cave organization. Valepon felt that since little data had been given, he would return the following day.

Has Waleeporn Gunan Remarried After Husband Death? Since the occurrence happened over quite a while back, individuals are contemplating whether Waleeporn Gunan has since remarried.

However, gunan hasn’t referenced being remarried or having another spouse in her life. She keeps on respecting her late mate while having a full existence with her kids.

The multifaceted organization of this dim, water-filled burrow terrified even the world’s most capable cavern jumpers, and Waleeporn told CNA she had no clue her better half would consent to go there.

In a video he took on his cell phone prior to leaving, Saman said. He was found in shades remaining on the runway before a tactical plane.

Saman utilized online entertainment regularly. He has shared various photographs and recordings with his loved ones on different web-based entertainment stages since getting to the Tham Luang caves.