What Pains Me Most Is How People Throw Money At Me Thinking I’m A Beggar – Miss Wheelchair Nigeria

Rita Ofili, the ongoing miss wheelchair in Nigeria from Delta State has shared her story and uncovered how being in a wheelchair didn’t stop her fantasies about turning into a glamorous lady. In a meeting with BBC NEWS PIDGIN, she expressed that she wasn’t born debilitated and that her concern with handicap began when she was around eight years of age.

She said her mom took her to the emergency clinic for a slight clinical treatment, just for her to be given an off-base infusion that later ended up affecting her legs. She said that when she could never again utilize her legs, growing up turned out to be hard in light of the fact that her folks couldn’t stand to get her a wheelchair and thusly, she needed to creep and be hauled around by her relatives until she was around 20 years old.


Nonetheless, she wasn’t hindered from chasing after her enthusiasm in spite of her condition as she had for practically forever needed to turn into a model. Following her graduation from the University of Lagos in 2010 where she studied Linguistics, the potential chance to additional her fantasies came when a specific man welcomed her to challenge for miss wheelchair Nigeria and that was the means by which her process began.

What Pains Me Most Is How People Throw Money At Me Thinking I’m A Beggar – Miss Wheelchair Nigeria Today, she’s Miss Wheelchair Nigeria and will address the country at Miss Wheelchair World in Mexico in the not so distant future. As per Rita Ofili, the most incredibly excruciating piece of being in a wheelchair is the means by which individuals toss cash at her or attempt to get cash into her hand even with the crown on her head. Individuals believe she’s a hobo since she’s in a wheelchair.

Nigeria Rita Ofili talk intense ahead 2022 Miss Wheelchair World

Likewise, she revealed that a few ministers have told her that she appears to be content to be in a wheelchair and that she couldn’t want anything less than to come to their congregation to be recuperated so she can stroll on her feet. She similarly said that even a few men have marked her ill suited for marriage making it seem as though she’s pointless given her condition.