What Happened To The Guy Who Killed Chris Kyle? Murderer Eddie Ray Routh Update Today

In Texas, America’s deadliest marksman Chris Kyle was killed on February 3, 2013.

Two men, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, were shot and killed at the Rough Creek Lodge discharging range not a long way from Chalk Mountain, Texas.


Kyle, a previous Navy SEAL, and his companion Littlefield set up focuses as they strolled down the reach when Eddie Ray Routh terminated, striking the two of them.

What Befell The Guy Who Killed Chris Kyle? Following a Texas jury’s conviction of Eddie Ray Routh for the homicide of Chris Kyle, a previous U.S. Naval force SEAL whose book was made into the blockbuster film “American Sniper,” Routh was given a daily existence punishment without the possibility of parole.

In February 2013, at an area of shooting range around 110 kilometers Southwest of Fort Worth, Routh, a 25-year-old previous U.S. Marine, gunned down Kyle and Kyle’s pal Chad Littlefield. As indicated by the arraignment, he went after the two from behind and trusted that Kyle will wrap up stacking his weapon at the shooting range prior to starting to shoot.

Routh had been fighting what the emotional well-being had named post-horrible pressure issue (PTSD), despite the fact that his side effects highlighted a more serious state of mind.

As indicated by reports, they had carried Routh to a shooting reach to treat his PTSD. Routh was a schizophrenic patient who had spent something like two years all through psychological facilities.

Kyle was shot multiple times, which penetrated his aorta and one more to the jaw, causing critical spinal string harm. Littlefield was struck multiple times, four of which were deadly. One of the projectile injuries was to the highest point of Littlefield’s head, showing that it was terminated when he was on the ground.

Where Could Eddie Ray Routh be? Executioner Update Today Eddie Ray was brought to the Erath County Jail to be hung on a $3 million bail in the wake of being accused of two charges of capital homicide in February 2013.

The child of Raymond and Jodi Routh, Eddie Ray Routh was born on September 30, 1987, in Lancaster, Texas. He was 25 years old when he carried out the homicide.

His preliminary was at first planned to begin on May 5, 2014. Be that as it may, it was delayed to give extra chance to satisfy DNA testing models. On February 11, 2015, the preliminary started off.

Routh was given a lifelong incarceration without the chance of parole by the preliminary appointed authority, Jason Cashon, immediately. In Texas’ Brazoria County, Routh is kept at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Ramsey Unit.

Eddie Ray Routh Was A Paranoid Schizophrenic The expert asserted that Routh had distrustful dreams and schizophrenia. Routh’s safeguard group battled that he ought to be found not blameworthy as a result of his crazy state at the hour of the killings.

“I knew whether I didn’t take his spirit, he planned to take mine.”, Routh admitted to the Texas Rangers in a shot admission, alluding to Kyle.

Subsequent to graduating secondary school, he satisfied his long lasting fantasy about enrolling in the Marine Corps. In September 2007, he was shipped off an office near Baghdad, where he endured a half year filling in as a prison gatekeeper and fixing weapons.

Then, at that point, he went to deal with a compassionate mission in Haiti in January 2010. In the wake of serving in the Marine Corps for around seven years, he got a noteworthy release in July 2011.

Late in July 2011, Routh got a conclusion of post-horrible pressure problem from specialists at the Veterans Hospital, and antipsychotics and antidepressants were regulated. He had conveyed self-destructive intimidations and was having hear-able mind flights and neurosis.