What Happened To Sean Dougherty? Death From Base Jump Accident And Obituary Notice

Sean Dougherty’s base leap mishap prompted his passing on 20 May 2022. To the people who don’t have the foggiest idea what a base leap is, a courageous movement involves a parachute bounce from a decent position, normally a tall design or cape, instead of a plane.

It is miserable that Dougherty, who was into experiences the second he could walk, lost his life to what he was generally energetic about. The feeling of experience in Sean was unparalleled. Assuming he discovered that a nation had a voluminous wave to ride, he would load onto a plane that night, surf on Saturday, travel home on Sunday, and return to deal with Monday.


Sean Dougherty Base Jump Accident Sean Dougherty lost his life to a base leap mishap on 20 May 2022. He had 400+ base leaps added to his repertoire throughout seven years. His skydiving experience adds up to in excess of 400 leaps, what’s more.

Dougherty was on his arrangement to bounce from an Antenna of 225 feet at Columbus, NJ – the United States, on 20 May 2022. The breeze was one mph at the hour of his exit, and he was quiet about the experience all along.

On that specific day, Sean was with his companion, who saw the mishap and revealed it. The two were to hop from the specific area, however since Sean could have done without to be on the rail with his companion at the same time, his companion bounced first, then, at that point, Sean. Sean’s companion heard him shout while he was in the air. He heard the rail ringing and Sean shouting at the same time. Sadly, a mishap occurred, and Sean was pronounced dead quickly.

Sean’s companion detailed that Sean’s parachute was under him like a tard. Sean’s wedding and pilot chute was folded around his leg and chest at the site of his demise.

Sean Dougherty’s Obituary Notice O’Leary Funeral Home Ltd delivered the tribute notice of Sean. The message showed Sean’s adrenaline rush since adolescence and how he was resolute about chasing after experience in any circumstance.

Sean started getting over trees, scaling mountains, riding the sea, jumping out of planes, and riding cruisers when he could walk. He unnerved his folks to death on account of his adrenaline rush. It would be putting it mildly to say that Sean had a feeling of experience.

He never turned down the opportunity to seek after his interests and couldn’t have cared less about cash other than to empower him to venture out and offer grace to individuals he thought often about. As indicated by the Obituary notice, Sean was “the man” who might continuously be accessible to help anybody whenever.

Sean established Sharp Stream Power Washing and Painting 10 years prior and developed it into 1,000,000 dollar organization with his mom and his phenomenal team. His profit would, in any case, be put considerably in his gutsy endeavors. Nobody anticipated that Sean should lose his life sometime doing the movement he was generally enthusiastic about, and his folks never expected their apprehension since adolescence would materialize.

On 25 May 2022, a lunch meeting to pay tribute to Sean was facilitated by his folks at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Sean Dougherty’s Family Sean Dougherty was born to his mom, Susan Dougherty, and father, Joseph Dougherty, on 12 November 1978. He lost his life at 43 years old.

Sean wasn’t the single youngster in his loved ones. He had a senior sister Erin Melanson who was hitched to his brother-in-regulation, Michael Melanson. Essentially, Sean imparted a nearby cling to his niece and nephews, Ella and Mason and was cherished by his grandma Dorothy Dougherty Murray.

Sean likewise had a sweetheart, Caroline Foreback, who he had been dating for a long time. Besides, he had numerous aunties, uncles, cousins, and incalculable companions who he abandoned. Each of his precious ones will most likely miss Sean Dougherty.