What Happened To Projared and Why Does Twitter Think He Is Dead?

According to correspondent Peter Flemming, unverified insight about Projared’s passing has driven Twitter to a free for all. Notwithstanding, the youtube has since affirmed that the news is only a lie.

Projared is an American gaming YouTuber whose demise news spread on the web. He recently worked at ScrewAttack.com and withdrew from his endeavors. The gamer is notable for his audits and incidental top tens among his fans.


On his channel, ProJared Plays, he played different games. Indeed, even the gamer updates his Nuzlocke challenges. Previously, he was a piece of a gathering of makers called Normal Boots, which discussed computer games close by PeanutButterGamer, JonTron, The Completionist, DidYouKnowGaming?, Continue?

What has been going on with Projared and Why Does Twitter Think He Is Dead? As per the report by Peter Flemming, Projared was tracked down dead in his home today in Texas. In any case, the gamer at present lives in Washington. The word is getting out all around the web, and individuals are sending sympathies to the gamer’s loved ones. The news has since been exposed by the youtube himself after he posted a tweet, “I can’t accept, I’m F-ing Dead.”

Seven hours prior, the YouTuber, Projared posted an image when he was chosen to be one of 32 players in the very first MTG Arena Championship. The gamer stuck, ‘This is effectively the biggest achievement I’ve accomplished in my long periods of playing Magic! It’s Dominaria United Traditional Draft! Furthermore, conventional Alchemy. I will require assist with Alchemy.’

Projared Real Name Jared Knabenbauer Projared, otherwise known as Jared Kandenbauer, was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Already, the YouTuber lived in Dallas, Texas. As of now, he moved to Seattle, Washington. He was hitched before to his ex Heidi O’Ferrall. The couple finished their separation on May 8, 2019.

Projared was recognized for his One Minute analysis of the title. Likewise, he has dealt with various difficulties, Nuzlocke Challenges for Pokémon FireRed, Y, Dark Cry, and Alpha Sapphire. The gamer had teamed up with other YouTubers. He dealt with Monster Hunter recordings close by SuperPaniLand, SuperMCGamer, Criken Chippers, and PBG.

Indeed, even the gamer showed up in the four series of PBG’s Hardcore. He arose on the divert The Game Theorists in the Bravely Default episode in Gaijin Goombah’s Game Exchange. The gamer portrayed various episodes of DidYouKnowGaming?

Beforehand, Jared was an individual from GAME SQUAD with PBG, Brutalmoose, and SpaceHamster. Youtuber Projared Twitter Reactions The demise news about Projared made disarray among his adherents. Some felt he was dead, or perhaps it was an image. Somebody even guaranteed that they can’t completely accept that ProJared shot himself two times toward the rear of the head. Notwithstanding, there are numerous hypotheses made after the secret case.

Individuals tweeted, ‘I generally favored ‘Peanutbuttergamer’ and ‘Spacehamster’, however the deficiency of the YouTuber is still quite big. He might find happiness in the hereafter.’ His fans are sending him supplications and stuck, ‘relax big person, and a large number of times, individuals shared your biography on Twitter, and commonly they lied about it.’

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