What Happened To isanyoneup.com? Hunter Moore & His Infamous Website Make It Into A Netflix Documentary

Tracker Moore is the principal character of Netflix’s The Most Hated Man On The Internet”. It is the story of one lady’s fight with the alleged “Ruler of Revenge Porn” after her little girl’s bare pictures were transferred on the web.

In 2010, Moore sent off the site. Is it true that anyone is Up? furthermore, it was initially expected to be a nightlife site, as per Moore, however after he and a few buddies got physically express pictures from ladies they were at the time getting together with, they chose to transform it.


The site included realistic pictures and recordings of non-models that were connected to their Facebook or Twitter informal communication characters. A large number of the people communicated dismay at being included on the site, guaranteeing the obscene pictures were taken from their workstations or imparted to exes or exes and posted as reprisal. Subsequently, the site’s content acquired a standing for being retribution pornography.

What Happened To isanyoneup.com? Tracker Moore and His Website Today A notable retribution blog’s proprietor has closed down the website and gave the space to an enemy of harassing association. For over a year, IsAnyoneUp.com had urged clients to get private photographs of their ex-accomplices.

Tracker Moore, the owner of the site, expressed that the conclusion was made to go to bat for underage harassing. Bullyville.com’s new proprietor expressed that IsAnyoneUp.com didn’t help general society, and it went disconnected therefore.”

Bullyville’s maker James McGibney remarked in a meeting with ABC’s Nightline that “Moore was beyond question the No. 1 web menace out there, and he cut him down not a threatening takeover but rather in a politically right manner. It is obscure whether or how much the area was sold for.

Presently, in the event that you look for the site, you track down it in a not secure variant. The ongoing proprietor James says that the revolting retribution site www.isanyoneup.com was dominated and closed somewhere around him, yet his work was not yet finished. Rather than requesting a gift, he’s calling us to turn into a financial backer in AnyOneUp, Inc. as they work to make a web-based local area that upholds the people who have been the objectives of harassing, following, or badgering.

Where Is Hunter Moore’s Ex-Girlfriend Kirra Hughes? California’s little beach front village of Encinitas is where Kirra Hughes was born and raised. She is half Mexican and half Welsh, and, surprisingly, as a small kid, she was free, causing problems.

Kirra remarked that she was definitely not a simple youngster to raise, basically contemplating it concerned her while discussing her initial years. How her folks set up with her was something she won’t ever comprehend.

That degree of perseverance justifies a decoration. The degree of appreciation she had for them was beyond anything that can be described. The show guaranteed that Kirra migrated to San Francisco, California, when she was 18 years of age to seek after a profession in style plan.

Kirra Hughes finished up by saying on the program that she couldn’t endure the messages and dangers any longer. She then, at that point, bought a one-way pass to New York and didn’t pivot. Kirra presently dwells in Brooklyn, New York. She has been zeroing in on being a prop creator in spite of having regular demonstrating gigs.