What Happened To Gabbie Hanna – Drama And Controversy Surrounding The Web Star Explained On Reddit

Gabbie Hanna is back on TikTok with more than 100 recordings in a solitary day concerning fans over her sporadic hyper conduct on her recordings with a more bizarre inside her home.

The web star has forever been dubious and known for beginning show to remain significant on the web, making individuals keep thinking about whether her most recent hyper episode was genuine or just prearranged to stand out for another of her music discharges.


Gabbie, most popular for her storytime recordings on Youtube after Vine died, is as of now known for being dubious and getting into show blaming different makers for things.

Every one of her activities in the beyond couple of years have won her the nickname of being an egomaniac, whimsical, and egotistical character on the web, which has now moved to TikTok with her most recent content.

Nonetheless, her most recent content has individuals questioning on the off chance that this is all a veneer or a sob for help from Gabbie.

Gabbie Hanna Drama and Controversy Explained On Reddit – What Happened? Gabbie Hanna is scandalous on each stage for her theatrics and debates, particularly on Reddit, where clients are setting down and making sense of the contentions she is in and has caused previously.

The most recent issue on Twitter and Reddit about Gabbie is her most recent hyper episode on TikTok of her shouting and fuming, saying slurs, keep TikToks with an irregular outsider in her home, and posting north of 100 TikTok recordings in 24 hours.

Certain individuals simply thought it was the exemplary Gabbie move of acting all insane for consideration and afterward delivering another tune or an undertaking. Yet, a few watchers were really worried for the Youtuber on Reddit saying,

“Gabbie Hanna is by all accounts having a hyper episode, and nobody is showing any worry about her psychological state – her fans are establishing this on like it’s not unexpected or “imaginative.”

In view of late occasions, another maker, Ethan, likewise shouted out about her state, tweeting, “Gabbie Hanna is by all accounts in the pains of a hyper episode. Kindly be thoughtful of that while discussing her web-based at the present time.”

He further mentioned individuals to agreeable, state, “We’ve lost Youtuber like this previously, and everybody said at absolutely no point in the future. So be decent please, she really wants assistance at this moment, not deride.”

Another client refreshed the fans on her condition, saying that police were at Gabby’s home, and she got the assistance.

Aficionados of Gabbie, alongside everybody on the web, trust that the web VIP is improving soon assuming she is having a genuine hyper episode.

Gabbie has had a great deal of show with her previous companions, including the Vlog Squad, Trisha Paytas, and some more, however one of her most dubious minutes was her theatrics with Jessi Smiles, a previous companion of hers.

Hanna didn’t trust her companion, Jessi, about her rape claims. She was companions with her assaulter while faulting Jessi for the entire circumstance and raising the issue once more.

The entire circumstance annoyed her audience, making her lose numerous supporters of her channel.

Gabbie Hanna’s Siblings And Parents Revealed Gabbie Hanna was born to guardians James Hanna and Michelle Hanna and brought up in New Castle, Pennsylvania, close by her six different kin.

Gabbie comes from a blended foundation as her dad, James, has Polish and Lebanese roots while her mom, Michelle, has French foundation.

Gabbie Hanna with her mom and her kin Her mom is a back rub specialist who procured her declaration from the Pennsylvania State University. In the interim, her dad hasn’t uncovered his profession and likes to avoid general society.

She has five sisters and a brother who experienced childhood in Pennsylvania, however dissimilar to their YouTuber sister, they don’t show up via online entertainment so much.

Her brother is named Sam Hanna, while her five sisters are Cherisa Hanna, Cecilia Hanna, Genny Hanna, Monica Hanna, and Masdelynn Hanna.