What Happened To Chris Wright? Ken Dolezsar Murder Suspect Whereabouts Now 2022

On November 15, 2007, a jury found Chris Wright dependable of the manslaughter of Kenneth Dolezsar inside the stopping zone of a Sandy Village Inn. He was condemned to life in prison.

Eugene Christopher Wright is his entire approved distinguish, which is Eugene Christopher Wright. It was settled upon that he would make a show concerning his case on ‘Dateline’ in 2021.


Dolezsar was a well realized Springville administration provider on the hour of the episode, notwithstanding a parttime hockey mentor at Utah Valley State School.

It’s referenced that Wright, the owner of Trade Place Capital, had exclusively perceived about Dolezsar for a very long time past to the homicide and that he had not remembered him since.

There is definitely not a proof that the showdown that came to pass for inside the Village Inn stopping zone was related to their venture relationship.

Wright previously guaranteed he was not to blame. On the hour of the death, witness Lee Carlson, who was current on the scene, perceived Wright and affirmed in court that he was the culprit.

Besides, he was the person who was responsible for Dolezsar’s vehicle on the hour of the occurrence. The auto was found abandoned a couple of blocks from the crime location, as per specialists.

Wright was furthermore referenced to be brandishing a dark hairpiece on the hour of the seize, which was subsequently affirmed by witnesses. The spot Is Chris Wright Now? Ken Dolezsar Homicide Chris Wright won’t be qualified for send off till 2031, subsequently he’s presently carrying out his punishment in prison.

Wright has been detained in light of the fact that the twenty eighth of February, 2008. He was found to be at fault for approved murder inside the main confirmation and exasperated burglary inside the second certificate in his examination.

He was condemned to fifteen years to life in prison, and his most memorable paying attention to for parole is conscious for August 2031, as per court data.

Was Chris Wright Employed By David Novak? Leslie Dee Mower, the life partner of victim Dolezsar, documented a claim in November 2010 contrary to another man, David Novak, for utilizing Chris Wright to kill Dolezsar. The claim was settled out of court.

In its place, Novak has not been accused of any wrongdoing concerning Dolezsar’s perishing and remains liberated from any costs.

After Mower and her better half have been sentenced for tax avoidance, Novak informed them that if they helped out him, he might help them get their sentences diminished.

In view of her, they each gave him $25,000 to utilize as he cheerful. Novak, as per the claim, is claimed to have sent off Dolezsar to Wright and coordinated a social event on the day Dolezsar was killed.

A Sandy cop affirmed all through Wright’s preliminary that Novak had been put to prison for faking his own withering in a plane calamity and had been condemned to prison.

Stories say Novak didn’t reenact his withering, but generally dropped the plane because of it needed a spic and span motor sooner than presenting an imaginary protection inclusion insurance proclaim.

Novak was held in a Florida prison community for a yr sooner than being sent off. His encounters there drove him to write down a data and to begin a consultancy organization for middle class lawbreakers on the sting of going to prison, which he has since extended.