What Happened To Ben Weston On Days Of Our Lives? Is Robert Scott Wilson Leaving?

Aficionados of “Days of Our Lives” have come to revere Robert Scott Wilson over the long haul. The entertainer had played Ben Weston for a considerable length of time before the person’s takeoff from Salem with his better half Ciara Brady in the beginning of July 2022.

Wilson and Konefal have caught the hearts of numerous watchers with their broad romantic tale. Ben’s story is particularly enthralling to the audience.


Fans were crushed to discover that Ben Weston and Ciara Brady, the fan-most loved super couple played by Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal, were officially leaving the NBC drama “Days of Our Lives.”

What has been going on with Ben Weston On Days Of Our Lives? Story and Plot Details Ben Weston and Ciara Brady’s relationship hasn’t forever been simple, as normal watchers of “Days of Our Lives” all through the past couple of years know.

In the American drama “Days of Our Lives,” Robert Scott Wilson basically depicts the fictitious person of Ben Weston. Ben Rogers, the underlying variant of the person, was depicted by Justin Gaston in 2014. He was first presented as Kate Mansi’s Abigail Deveraux, another old flame, however it was subsequently found that he was really Jordan Ridgeway’s alienated brother.

Ben was first recruited to go about as Abigail Deveraux’s potential old flame, however by late 2015, he had changed into the fixated, disturbed chronic executioner known as The Necktie Murderer.

He was additionally allowed to leave Bayview Sanitarium in 2018 when Dr. Marlena Evans observed that he was normal years after the fact. He then started dating Ciara Brady, an offspring of Bo and Hope Brady.

The couple was given the moniker “Cin,” and they immediately rose to the first spot on the list of the most well known couples (through Celebrating The Soaps). Everybody revered Ben and Ciara, however in July 2022, the pair chose to pass on Salem with their newborn youngster to set out on a thrilling journey.

Is Robert Scott Wilson Leaving The Show? Days of Our Lives, one of the longest running dramas ever, has been broadcasting live for over 55 years, and during that time, the cast has habitually changed.

Ben Weston’s on-screen persona, Robert Scott Wilson, affirmed his takeoff from the program. The episode that appeared on July 8 will mark his last debut as Ben. They didn’t, be that as it may, murder him. In this way, there is plausible that the show’s makers will restore the characters sometime in the not too distant future with new person bends.

Wilson made a clue in his meeting with TV Insider that he will return, however in an alternate limit and for an alternate plot. A few fans, in the mean time, aren’t entirely certain that Alex will succeed Ben in a consistent progress.

As per the latest “Days of Our Lives” sneak peaks and spoilers gave on Twitter, Wilson will formally return as Alexander Kiriakis. Fans got a development take a gander at the scene keep going week on Instagram because of Judi Evans, who depicts Bonnie Lockhart on the show.

A Twitter client had this to say with respect to Wilson’s new job: “It will be trying to see Rob playing an alternate when the vast majority actually distinguish him as Ben Weston.”

Ben Weston is “The Necktie Killer” On September 24, 2015, Ben is recognized as “The Necktie Killer” in the wake of being seen on camera disposing of proof into a waterway.

At the point when Will acknowledges Ben is the killer in October 2015, Ben chokes him to death. Yet again ben blames Chad for killing the person in question. Ben pounds the life out of Chad when he moves toward him subsequent to understanding he is the killer.

After Abby conceives an offspring, Ben later shoots Wendy and cover’s her in the forest. Ben secures them in, sets the lodge ablaze, and escapes with the child, whom he has named Colin, until Chad mediates to save Abby.