What Happened To Anton Black? Parents Speak To ‘Dateline’ About Death Case

Quite a while back, Anton Black died in Greensboro, Caroline County, from the devastating power of three cops holding him down. Here are more insights concerning Black’s dad and mom beneath.

Guardians of Anton Black are presently moving on the media after the two of them talk about their child Anton Black’s case to the Dateline have Lester Holt.


As indicated by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s posthumous report, Black died on September 15, 2018, from a “unexpected heart passing” likely brought about by a showdown with cops.

As indicated by the grumbling, authorities unlawfully kept police body camera film of the episode from the family for quite a long time before Gov. Larry Hogan requested its delivery.

Dateline NBC: What Happened to Anton Black? On Friday’s pristine episode of Dateline at 10/9c, the guardians of Anton Black will converse with have Lester Holt about their child’s passing.

The Dateline episode featured what befell Anton as he was being brought into guardianship subsequent to being confined on his front doorstep by a few cops and a bystander.

What has been going on with Anton Black? is a one-hour narrative that explores the admonition indications of the town of Greensboro, Maryland, where Thomas Webster, the official, at first sought after Black.

Subsequent to getting an emergency call revealing that Black had been hauling one more kid down the road, Webster was uninformed that the two young men had known one another for a really long time.

In the program, Anton’s folks and sister examine how their child died in the wake of being confined on his entryway patio by Webster, two other cops, and an observer.

Holt got educated by Anton’s dad that his child didn’t “assault” anyone or “burglarize a bank.”

The Dateline section features the similitudes between the passings of George Floyd and Black, including that a similar boss clinical inspector checked the two cases out.

Like Floyd, Black’s story contacted a significant number of the lines of questions in the warmed conversation about police in America and motivated a local area to look for equity.

A government claim has been recorded regarding the killing of a Black young person in September 2018 locally on Maryland’s Eastern Shore during a battle with police.

The Coalition for Justice for Anton Black, Anton Black’s folks, Jennell and Antone Black, the mother of Anton’s solitary youngster, Katyra Boyce, and different gatherings have recorded the activity for their sake.

Body camera film of Black’s collaboration with the police doesn’t conclusively negate Black’s family’s case that the police utilized exorbitant power on Black.

The clinical analysts reasoned that there was no verification that the police’s “restriction” had fundamentally added to Black’s downfall.

Antone guaranteed that a sensible jury “may arrive at more than one outcome.” in regards to whether police utilized fitting power while managing Black.

Who Was Anton Black? Anton Black was a 19-year-old hopeful model and an entertainer who was likewise a previous hero competitor at the North Caroline High School.

As per Antone Black, his child was one of the speediest youths in the state. His dad treasured seeing his child run.

He had as long as he can remember in front of him and was available to every one of the choices, including his goals of chasing after displaying, acting, and enlisting in the military.

Anton was approved to demonstrate in New York Fashion Week and in any event, for New York, Washington, and Californian creators. At the point when he at last got a film job, he more than once pre-arranged his lines with his dad as a sounding board.

However, Anton couldn’t star in his presentation film. Before his fantasy worked out, he wound up dead.

The police in question, as per Ravenell and Black’s family, were on top of Black’s body for somewhere around six minutes, keeping him from relaxing.