What Ethnicity Is Vanessa Bryant? Meet Her Mother Sofia Laine And Sister Sophie Laine

Vanessa Marie Bryant, known for her union with the late and incredible b-ball player Kobe Bryant, is an American Philanthropist.

Bryant, born Vanessa Urbieta Cornejo, established the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant establishment in 2007.


This establishment plans to give grants to minority undergrads around the world. The humanitarian additionally drives the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

This establishment plans to help and support youngster competitors who are out of luck. She likewise fills in as the ongoing CEO of Granity Studios. The establishment used to be known as the Mamba Sports Foundation, yet Bryant changed the name after her significant other and second-most seasoned girl’s demises.

Granity Studios is an interactive media unique content organization that was shaped by Vanessa’s late spouse, Kobe Bryant.

The organization centers around making better approaches to recount sports. Kobe sent off the organization in 2013 and imagined it as an organization that created various media, going from movies to network shows to books.

Bryant began her profession in charity with her significant other in 2007 when the two established the VIVO establishment, which would turn into the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation.

Bryant was additionally the establishing contributor of the National Museum of African American History and Culture close by her late spouse.

As of late, Bryant has worked with Baby2Baby to help destitution stricken ladies and youngsters, getting a charity grant in November 2021.

Bryant likewise got an honor for authority in her different establishment on February 8, 2022.

What Is Vanessa Bryant’s Ethnicity? Humanitarian Vanessa Bryant’s nationality is of Mexican plunge, and she was born on May 5, 1982.

Bryant was born in Los Angeles, California. However her family home was in Garden Grove, she enjoyed a lot of her young life with her step-granddad, Robert Laine, in Huntington Beach, California.

Bryant went to class in Huntington Beach’s Marina High School. While in secondary school, Bryant and Rowena Ireifej, her companion, hit up a hip-jump show at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater.

While at the show, an organization moved toward the two and offered them fill in as music video additional items and reinforcement artists.

Bryant would take the deal and show up in music recordings for different hip-jump specialists like Krayzie Bone and Snoop Dogg, to give some examples. Supposedly her mom oversaw her to the video shoots.

It was at the shooting of the music video for the tune “G’d Up” by the rap bunch Tha Eastsidaz where Bryant would meet her future spouse, Kobe Bryant. The two would date before long, however their high-profile relationship caused disturbances at Vanessa Bryant’s secondary school, which drove her to finish her senior year at home.

She graduated secondary school with distinction in 2000.

More About Vanessa Bryant’s Family-Her Mother Sofia Laine And Sister Sophie Laine Vanessa Bryant’s organic dad separated from her mom and left the family when she was three years of age, moving to Baja, California.

Her mom, Sofia Lane, functioned as a delivery representative at a gadgets organization and raised Vannessa and her more established sister, Sophie, all alone.

The circumstance changed when she wedded Stephen Laine in 1990. Laine was a center chief at a similar hardware organization Sofia worked.

Vanessa began going by Laine after her mom’s marriage and, surprisingly, authoritatively changed her name to Vanessa Marie Laine in 2000, however her stepfather never formally embraced her.

Vanessa’s relationship with her mom soured after the demise of her significant other and girl, as Sofia Laine would go on a meeting not long after the misfortune and let the media know that Vanessa had thrown her out.

Bryant would fire back with an Instagram post where she’d uncover that her mom had endeavored to back accuse Bryant of 18 years of minding $96 60 minutes.

Fans raced to Vanessa’s guard, and the court settled the claim campaigned by her mom later in 2021.

The amount Is Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth? Vanessa Byrant, the spouse of the late and amazing Kobe Bryant, has an expected total assets of $600 million starting around 2022.

Bryant’s total assets comes generally from the progress of her late spouse, Kobe Bryant. Before his passing, she had a total assets of $75 million.

Obviously, things like total assets change all through an individual’s life; numerous things have adjusted to build Bryant’s total assets.

As a matter of some importance, and most unfortunately, Kobe Byrant died, and his significant other acquired a lot of his riches. Byrant additionally sold their extravagance house, which they purchased in 2003.

The chateau they’d purchased for $2.75 million, Bryant was apparently selling for $3.75 million.

After Kobe and Gigi’s demise, Vanessa sued Los Angeles County on January 26, 2020, for intrusion of protection and carelessness since they took photos of the accident that took the dad and girl’s lives and their cadavers and shared them inappropriately.

A preliminary occurred on February 22, 2022, and months after the fact, in August 2022, Bryant was granted $16 million in punitive fees.