What Did GreekDogX Get Banned For? Twitch Gaming Streamer Facing Another Ban

Greekgodx is a 29-year-old Twitch star, famously known for online video discourse, gaming content, and in-person coordinated effort.

He appreciates playing a large number of games, like League of Legends, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Fortnite Battle Royale. His Twitch measurements presently stand at more than 1,000,000 adherents and 30 million watchers.


Playing and streaming the multiplayer online battle field game “Class of Legends” assisted him with fostering a sizable fan base.

Revolt Games made and appropriated the game, which was first made accessible in October 2009. Since making his presentation in 2011, he has tried different things with different computer game sorts.

For what reason Did Greekgodx Get Banned Again On Twitch? Yet again DEXERTO claims that Greekgodx was ousted from Twitch. The decoration had recently been banished from the game in 2022; his latest suspension finished toward the beginning of July.

Because of the affirmation of his second 30-day boycott, he is finishing this month correspondingly to how the last one did.

At the point when this article was composed, there was no conventional legitimization for the preclusion. Nonetheless, the boycott was given only hours after a video on Livestreamfails showed a video of him ridiculing a family as he passed by in an IRL feed that got large number of upvotes.

Per the Twitch police, “Derisive lead is any content or action that advances or supports segregation, criticism, provocation, or brutality in view of standing, public beginning, handicap, race, and veteran status.”

Having said that, neither the span nor the justification for the suspension has been referenced at this point.

Dimitri as of late tweeted, saying, “This is entertaining since that was definitely not an Asian family. That was Greek family communicating in Greek.”

The post additionally perused, “To accept they are Asian is exceptionally off-base. My relatives are Asian and how could I be bigoted to individuals who raised me.”

Greekgodx LiveStream Fails On Reddit Greekgodx’s live stream on Reddit additionally fizzled on the grounds that he offended Asian dialects subsequent to passing an Asian family.

Apparently, his racial remark toward an Asian family is the reason he flopped live gushing on the stage.

Adhering to Reddit’s rules 3.3.2, mistaken or one-sided titles are not adequate, and the client with such content got prohibited.

According to it, “Post might be eliminated in the event that the title isn’t enough distinct of the clasp’s content or conveys an assessment in regards to the clasp (applying to just serious or contentious content).”

Greekgodx Ban Twitch Clip: What Did He Do? Greekgodx’s boycott twitch cut is right now humming all over the internet, particularly on Twitter and YouTube.

The clasp shared by @StreamerBans on Twitter is standing out. Simultaneously, Greek likewise tended to these allegations head-on.

In light of the charges, the Twitch superstar posted a video where he should have been visible partaking in the ongoing circumstance. “How I’m adapting to all the phony news show,” he said as the inscription.

As per online cases, he abused the Twitch Community Rules by participating in disdain discourse and offering terrible comments about relatives during an IRL stream.

What Is Twitch Greekgodx Real Name? Twitch Greekgodx’s genuine name is Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos. He was born on 6 October 1992, in England, United Kingdom.

A section from Twitch, he is notable on YouTube as “GreekGamingx,” which has acquired 379k endorsers by 29 July 2022.