The upcoming Still Sucks tour stop in the U.K. and Europe won't happen as planned

Following worries about the health of frontman Fred Durst, the band decided to cancel the remaining gigs on Sunday.

Limp Bizkit announced on social media that their 2022 UK and European tour will have to be postponed due to personal health issues

And doctor recommended him to take an immediate vacation from performing

"We really apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our devoted fans, promoters, and support staff," Limp Bizkit continued in his statement

The vocalist released a personal video on the band's website where he claimed that he went to the doctor before the next leg of the tour

They did so to "make sure I'm in good physical conditions," despite the band not disclosing any specifics of Durst's health issues

After having a number of tests, Durst's physician expressed concern about his health and suggested that he halt touring so that he could undergo additional testing