Fans are being reminded by Drew Barrymore that rain is lovely.

The Drew Barrymore Show" host uploaded a clip of herself outside, smiling and taking in the rain in a video she released on Sunday.

The actress, 47, exclaimed joyfully, "Whenever you can walk out into the rain... do not miss the occasion!"

And the internet just can't get enough of it. On Instagram, her post has gotten close to 500,000 likes, while on TikTok, it has gotten over 2 million.

The response was generally favourable, while some people condemned the actress for bragging about her wealth and status.

Barrymore has spoken up about her violent alcoholic father, actor John Drew Barrymore, and her mother's difficulties with parenting. when she was nine, her parents split up.

In a 2015 interview, Barrymore said that despite being surrounded by so much negativity as a 14-year-old, she dreamed of living a joyful life at the age of 40.

When she was just 7 years old, Barrymore became well-known for her part in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."