Watch: Navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube

Navyashree Rajkumar Takle’s Short Bio in a Viral Video An individual from the Belagavi cultivation division has documented a grumbling with the close by AMPC police headquarters blaming social lobbyist Navyashree Rao for blackmail, terrorizing, and giving dangerous dangers. Rao has a base in Channapatna.

A grumbling was made in response to web-based entertainment posts that showed the two individuals in a confidential setting. It’s odd that Navyashree supposedly made the case that she was hitched to Rajkumar Takale in the objection.

“My mate is called Rajkumar,” she shouted. We are most certainly hitched. I’ll go into more profundity about how we got hitched in the days to come. Yet, I succumbed to his stunt. I’ll go over everything at the public interview.

Twitter Goes Viral with Navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video Rajkumar claims that in December 2020, while working in Bengaluru, he previously experienced Navyashree. In Kagwad, Rajkumar had filled in as Shrimant Patil’s own collaborator. She characterized herself as a lobbyist and the maker of the charitable Navya Foundation.

He in the long run developed near Jayashree. He declared that Jayashree knew about his conjugal status and three kids for whom he was the natural dad. On December 24, 2021, Navyashree and her companion Tilakraj DT, who lives in Channapatna, reached Rajkumar when he was at home in Belagavi and requested Rs 50 lakh. They took steps to send tapes of their confidential meet-ups to his better half and other relatives and presented him to movies of their cozy contacts, which provoked the recording of an assault grumbling against him.

Because of requests on the allegations, Navyashree expressed that she had not been in India for the past about fourteen days. I got more familiar with the prevalence of our recordings via online entertainment. I’ve recorded a proper protest with the city police official. She said that Navyashree knew nothing about the grievance. She expressed, “I haven’t gotten any calls from the police. I haven’t heard from them yet.”