Was Quinton Tellis Found Guilty? Jessica Chambers Murder Verdict And Hearing Updates

Jessica Chambers, a University of Louisiana Monroe understudy who died in 2015 subsequent to being scorched to death, is remembered to have been killed by Quinton Tellis. Likewise, he additionally killed Ming-Chen Hsiao.

Tellis has showed up being investigated on various occasions. Be that as it may, the jury has not had the option to close. It was again put off when Tellis’ legal counselors attempted to raise some serious questions about an essential component of the case’s proof.


Quinton Tellis Accused of killing Jessica Chambers In 2015 Jessica Chambers, the ULM understudy, was wounded by Quinton Tellis in 2015.

The 19-year-old team promoter from Courtland worked in a dress shop. According to the court records, she got a lot of consideration from her male companions and was known to sell drugs.

In 2015, Chambers had gone to a neighborhood station to put gas on her vehicle. Be that as it may, when firemen showed up where her vehicle got obliterated, she was at that point singed to the point of being unrecognizable. Chambers referenced the name of “Eric” or “Derrick,” despite the fact that she didn’t say the individual put her ablaze. From that point forward, the case got extremely complicated.

She was moved to a Memphis emergency clinic, capitulating to her wounds the following day. An intensity injury caused her demise, according to the clinical reports.

The police started to explore the episode and looked for Erics and derricks. In any case, they couldn’t track down the guilty party.

In the long run, Quinton Tellis, a gangster, got the consideration of the police. He was with Chambers the day she died.

In the midst of clashing records, Tellis owned up to specialists that he had laid down with Jessica once, purportedly weeks sooner, and gave a definite depiction of the area.

Tellis was prosecuted in Mississippi in February 2016 and kept in a prison cell in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. He got blamed for killing a Taiwanese lady and ULM alumna, Ming-Chen Hsiao. For the case, his preliminary occurred in January 2022.

Was Quinton Tellis Found Guilty? Quinton Tellis went to preliminary for the Jessica Chambers case in 2017. He was held with the proof that he settled on a decision to Chambers before she was killed. Likewise, the realities showed that Tellis had sent undermining messages to Chambers.

One more fundamental piece of proof showed Tellis was the last individual who met Chambers before she died. In February 2016, he was charged, and the main preliminary happened in October 2017. Despite the fact that, he argued not blameworthy to the allegation of capital homicide.

On October 1, 2018, the seventh day of his retrial in Batesville, Mississippi, finished in a malfeasance in light of the fact that the court couldn’t arrive at an agreement. Quinton Tellis Hearing Delayed and Rescheduled One more postpone has been made in Quinton Tellis’ Louisiana murder preliminary.

As per the WJTV, the preliminary will start on August 29, 2022, and will be attempted under the steady gaze of an appointed authority. He is currently being held at the Ouachita Correctional Center in Monroe.

Tellis was arraigned in 2019 on second-degree murder in association with the demise of Ming-Chen Hsiao. He was allowed a ten-year jail term in the wake of entering a liable request to one count of utilizing Hsiao’s entrance card without approval.