Was Duke Dennis Arrested For Real? Alleged Assault and Domestic Violence

Because of different criminal allegations made against him by the Greenville Police Department in 2021, Duke Dennis was brought into guardianship.

Duke is a notable YouTuber, Twitch decoration, and maker from the United States. He is well prestigious for his NBA 2K ball computer game related manifestations.


Following talk of his detainment, the NBA computerized gamer Duke has turned into a hot issue on the web.

The doubts began when a photograph of his mugshot showed up via online entertainment. On his Twitch streams, Duke has discussed being confined and keeps up with his honesty.

Was Duke Dennis Arrested For Real? Duke Dennis was arrested for homegrown maltreatment and accused of first-degree attack. Afterward, he was accused of sexual unfortunate behavior and aggressive behavior at home.

The creator of the YouTube video has guarded his direct, saying that not every person who is detained is blameworthy.

Duke was arrested in the wake of being captured. However, he isn’t currently detained. He has returned and is even live on Twitch.

Subsequent to being given up, the NBA 2K gamer discussed his capture on Twitch. He demanded that the allegations were false and that he was never to fault.

He had a couple of captures all through his life prior to joining the Greenville Police Department.

For the homegrown maltreatment that brought about his underlying capture, he was accused of first-degree attack. Afterward, he was accused of sexual wrongdoing and abusive behavior at home.

Duke Dennis Alleged Assault And Charges Duke was blamed with three offenses. The principal episode included rape of a youngster, while the second elaborate homegrown maltreatment.

Duke has guaranteed that he was just a secondary school understudy when the occurrences happened and that he isn’t at fault.

The third allegation, which is as yet anonymous, appears to have something to do with the military. Dennis served in the US Army prior to changing to streaming full-time.

His latest Twitch streams guarantee that he partook in a shooting including his cousin while he was in the military.

In the course of his life, Duke has been confined two times, as per the Greenville Police Department. He was arrested two times — once for first-degree attack and once more for improper sexual way of behaving and abusive behavior at home.

Duke Dennis Net Worth 2022 Duke Dennis’ assessed total assets goes from $1 million to $5 million.

He has a sizable following on YouTube because of his inconceivable content and enthusiasm for the game. He has become notable and effective monetarily because of his work as a YouTuber.

Moreover, blazoners who buy plugs on his recordings pay him. He has more than 1.35 million endorsers of his YouTube account.

He brings in cash through paid coordinated efforts and sponsorships because of his big audience of supporters and adherents.

Meet Duke Dennis On Instagram Duke Dennis uses the Instagram account @dukedennis. His checked Instagram account has 14 posts and 1.3 million supporters.

He has just shared a photograph of himself on his Instagram account. Dennis started bringing in NBA 2K motion pictures in 2017 for YouTube and Twitch.

He likewise as often as possible posts discourse recordings. In 2013, he turned into a twitcher for the gathering. He set up a YouTube channel and started posting selections from a few made-up b-ball computer games.

Duke utilizes the Twitter handle @ImDukeDennis and is dynamic there too. He has 330.1k devotees on Twitter, which is confirmed.